North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 32-19

Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages by Action

Section Section Name
32-19-01 Action to foreclose mortgage on real estate authorized
32-19-02 Power of attorney required ‑ Exceptions
32-19-03 Who subject to deficiency judgment
32-19-04 What complaint shall state
32-19-05 When judgment at law obtained
32-19-06 What judgment must contain
32-19-06.1 Deficiency judgments on commercial real property
32-19-06.2 Deficiency judgments on agricultural land
32-19-07 Other suits permitted
32-19-08 Sales made by whom and where ‑ Notice
32-19-09 Certificate of sale ‑ Deed and effect
32-19-10 Application of proceeds
32-19-11 When surplus invested
32-19-12 Complaint dismissed on payment of installments due
32-19-13 When payment stays proceedings
32-19-14 Referee to view premises
32-19-15 Successive judgments and sales
32-19-16 Sale of whole on first default
32-19-17 Rebate on undue part
32-19-18 Redemption
32-19-18.1 Payment to redeem
32-19-19 Injury to property restrained ‑ Abandoned real property
32-19-20 Notice before foreclosure
32-19-21 Contents of notice
32-19-22 Notice may be served by mail
32-19-23 When notice not required
32-19-23.1 Abandoned property ‑ Prima facie evidence
32-19-24 Service of notice on personal representative
32-19-25 Notice may be served personally
32-19-26 Actual receipt of notice always sufficient
32-19-27 Proofs relative to notice ‑ How made and filed
32-19-28 Default may be cured
32-19-29 Summons ‑ How served
32-19-30 Service by publication ‑ How made
32-19-31 Summons to be published
32-19-32 Copy of summons and complaint to be mailed
32-19-33 Personal service equivalent to publication
32-19-34 Personal service of summons and complaint may be made in any event
32-19-35 Service by publication ‑ When completed
32-19-36 Personal service of summons ‑ How made
32-19-37 Unknown defendants ‑ How joined
32-19-38 What the summons to contain
32-19-39 Judgment and decrees to be binding against whom
32-19-40 Persons holding unrecorded conveyance need not be made parties, when
32-19-41 Abandoned personal property ‑ Disposal by record title owner