North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 14-03

Marriage Contract

Section Section Name
14-03-01 What constitutes marriage ‑ Spouse defined
14-03-01.1 Members of armed forces deemed residents
14-03-02 Lawful age for marriage
14-03-03 Void marriages
14-03-04 Marriage between white person and Negro person void ‑ Penalty
14-03-05 Definition of a Negro person
14-03-06 Marriage of person having husband or wife void ‑ Exception
14-03-07 Prohibited marriages
14-03-08 Foreign marriages recognized ‑ Exception
14-03-09 Who may solemnize marriages
14-03-10 Marriage may not be solemnized without license
14-03-11 Who issues marriage license to official
14-03-12 Serological test for syphilis required before application for license filed
14-03-13 Standard serological test defined
14-03-14 Serological test ‑ Contents of laboratory statement
14-03-15 When serological test not necessary
14-03-16 Physician's certificate and laboratory statement ‑ Misrepresentation ‑ Penalty
14-03-17 Application for license
14-03-18 License to and marriage of intoxicated person prohibited
14-03-19 License issued to all who comply with law
14-03-20 License and certificate
14-03-20.1 Surname options
14-03-20.2 Middle name options
14-03-21 Return of license and certificate ‑ Duplicate delivered to persons married ‑ Records kept ‑ Penalty
14-03-22 Marriage license fee ‑ Supplemental fee ‑ Fee for marriage ceremony ‑ Duties of officers
14-03-23 Marriage registered with bureau of vital statistics
14-03-24 Certified record is evidence
14-03-25 Performing marriage ceremony without authority ‑ Penalty
14-03-26 Issuing license of marriage between Negroes and whites ‑ Penalty
14-03-27 Performing marriage ceremony between Negroes and whites ‑ Penalty
14-03-28 Penalty