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Title 45

Chapter Section Listing Chapter Name
45-01 NA General Principles [Repealed]
45-02 NA General Partnership [Repealed]
45-03 NA Special Partnership [Repealed]
45-04 NA Actions by and Against Partnerships [Repealed]
45-05 NA Partnerships Generally [Repealed]
45-06 NA Relations of Partners to Others [Repealed]
45-07 NA Relations of Partners to One Another [Repealed]
45-08 NA Property Rights of a Partner [Repealed]
45-09 NA Dissolution and Winding Up [Repealed]
45-10 NA Uniform Limited Partnership Act [Repealed]
45-10.1 NA Uniform Limited Partnership Act [Repealed]
45-10.2 45-10.2 Sections Uniform Limited Partnership Act
45-11 45-11 Sections Fictitious Partnership Name
45-12 45-12 Sections Application of Law
45-13 45-13 Sections Partnerships in General
45-14 45-14 Sections Nature of Partnership
45-15 45-15 Sections Relations of Partners to Persons Dealing With Partnership
45-16 45-16 Sections Relations of Partners to Each Other and to Partnership
45-17 45-17 Sections Transferees and Creditors of Partner
45-18 45-18 Sections Partner's Dissociation
45-19 45-19 Sections Partner's Dissociation When Business Not Wound Up
45-20 45-20 Sections Winding Up Partnership Business
45-21 45-21 Sections Conversions and Mergers
45-22 45-22 Sections Limited Liability Partnerships
45-23 45-23 Sections Limited Liability Limited Partnership

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