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Chapter 45-22

Limited Liability Partnerships
Section Section Name
45-22-01 Definitions
45-22-01.1 Legal recognition of electronic records and electronic signatures
45-22-02 Applicability of chapters 45‑13 through 45‑21
45-22-03 Registration
45-22-04 Limited liability partnership ‑ Name (Contingent effective date - See note)
45-22-05 Reserved name
45-22-06 Failure to use required name
45-22-07 Unauthorized assumption of limited liability partnership powers ‑ Liability
45-22-08 Limited liability partnership shield
45-22-08.1 Partner liability
45-22-09 Piercing the limited liability shield
45-22-10 Liability of partners for illegal distributions
45-22-11 Registered office and agent
45-22-12 Change of registered office or agent
45-22-13 Voluntary withdrawal of status
45-22-14 Filing after dissolution
45-22-15 Limited liability after dissolution
45-22-16 Secretary of state ‑ Revocation of registration
45-22-17 Service of process on a limited liability partnership or a foreign limited liability partnership and on a nonresident partner
45-22-18 Foreign limited liability partnership ‑ Governing law
45-22-19 Foreign limited liability partnership ‑ Transacting business and obtaining licenses and permits by a foreign limited liability partnership
45-22-20 Transaction of business by a foreign limited liability partnership without registration
45-22-20.1 Foreign limited liability partnership ‑ Transactions by a foreign limited liability partnership not constituting the transactions of business
45-22-21 Foreign limited liability partnership ‑ Transactions by a foreign limited liability partnership not constituting the transaction of business
45-22-21.1 Secretary of state ‑ Annual report of domestic limited liability partnership and foreign limited liability partnership
45-22-22 Secretary of state ‑ Fees and charges
45-22-23 Secretary of state ‑ Powers ‑ Enforcement ‑ Penalty ‑ Appeal
45-22-23.1 Delivery to and filing of records by secretary of state and effective date
45-22-23.2 Correcting a filed record
45-22-24 Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence
45-22-25 Forms to be furnished by the secretary of state
45-22-26 Audit reports and audit of limited liability partnerships receiving state subsidies for production of alcohol or methanol for combination with gasoline
45-22-27 Foreign trade zones

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