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Budget Committee on Government Services

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

2380 § 6 Study programs dealing with the prevention and treatment of alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse and other kinds of risk-associated behavior which are operated by various state agencies, including the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Attorney General, the State Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Public Instruction, the Department of Transportation, the National Guard, and the Supreme Court, and whether better coordination among the programs within those agencies may lead to a more effective and cost-efficient way of operating the programs and providing services

Receive periodic reports from the Central Personnel Division on the implementation, progress, and bonuses provided under state agency pilot programs to provide bonuses to recruit or retain classified state employees (NDCC § 54-06-30)

Approve any agreement between a North Dakota state entity and South Dakota to form a bistate authority (NDCC § 54-40-01)

Receive for the first four taxable years beginning after December 31, 1998, annual financial statements and a report from the governing board of the housing development fund analyzing the impact of the fund on the state's economy, business and employment activity generated by loans from the fund, and the effects of that activity on state and local tax revenues (1999 S.L., ch. 90, § 5)

Monitor status of state agency and institution appropriations

Receive reports from State Health Officer not later than December 31, 2001, and November 1, 2002, regarding the implementation of the community health grant program (2001 S.L., ch. 250, § 2)

Committee Meetings

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