Reconvened Sessions of the ND Legislative Assembly

In 1976 voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing the Legislative Assembly to meet for 80 natural days during a two‑year period (Article IV, Section 7, of the Constitution of North Dakota). The Legislative Assembly has used that provision twice to call itself back into session.

  • Following the regular 1981 session that met for 60 days (January 6 to March 31), the Legislative Assembly reconvened in November for four days to handle redistricting. Near the conclusion of the 1981 legislative session, the United States Census Bureau released its final population figures for the state. As a result, the Legislative Assembly reconvened November 16‑19, 1981, to adopt a new redistricting plan before the 1982 elections.
  • The Legislative Assembly reconvened on June 16, 2015, to finalize business in regard to Senate Bill No. 2022.