North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 60-06

Public Warehouses on Railroad Right of Way

Section Section Name
60-06-01 Who may make application for warehouse or elevator on railroad right of way
60-06-02 Public warehouse on railroad right of way ‑ Application ‑ Contents
60-06-03 When applicant is entitled to erect public warehouse
60-06-04 Compensation for right, privilege, and easement ‑ Notice to applicant
60-06-05 Sidetracks to be provided
60-06-06 Penalty for violation of applicant's rights
60-06-06.1 Determination ‑ Expenses
60-06-07 Procedure in district court by applicant
60-06-08 Procedure on trial
60-06-09 Election of gross sum or annual rental
60-06-10 Judgment ‑ What it shall contain
60-06-11 Forfeiture of right, privilege, and easement by applicant
60-06-12 Appeal from judgment
60-06-13 Costs and disbursements of actions
60-06-14 Erection of warehouses after judgment
60-06-15 Application to existing leaseholds