North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 55-01

State Historical Society

Section Section Name
55-01-00.1 Definitions
55-01-01 State historical board
55-01-01.1 State historical society
55-01-02 State historical board ‑ Powers ‑ Limitations
55-01-02.1 Society to have jurisdiction over heritage center
55-01-03 Meetings ‑ When held ‑ Quorum ‑ Compensation and expenses of members
55-01-04 Acceptance of gifts, grants, devises, bequests, donations, and assignments ‑ Deposited with the state treasurer ‑ How expended
55-01-05 Land acquired for historical purposes ‑ Title ‑ Placed in custody of county historical societies
55-01-06 Historical collections ‑ Loan to county historical societies ‑ Preservation
55-01-07 Claims incurred by society ‑ How paid
55-01-08 Appropriation for maintenance of Roosevelt cabin ‑ Authorization to transfer cabin to national park service
55-01-09 North Dakota heritage study committee ‑ Display area
55-01-10 Exchange of lands with other divisions of state government
55-01-11 State historical society responsible for the Camp Hancock museum
55-01-12 Criminal history record checks
55-01-13 America 250 commission
55-01-14 Powers and duties of the commission ‑ Continuing appropriation
55-01-15 State historical society responsible for the Lewis and Clark interpretive center