North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 50-24.8

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

Section Section Name
50-24.8-01 Definitions
50-24.8-02 Liability for certain acts ‑ Civil penalty
50-24.8-03 Limitation of actions
50-24.8-04 Investigation and action by attorney general
50-24.8-05 Burden of proof
50-24.8-06 Effect of criminal conviction
50-24.8-07 Costs and attorney's fees
50-24.8-08 Relief from retaliatory actions
50-24.8-09 Medicaid fraud control unit
50-24.8-10 Powers and duties of Medicaid fraud control unit
50-24.8-11 Medicaid fraud ‑ Criminal penalty
50-24.8-12 Civil investigative demands and subpoenas ‑ Failure to comply ‑ Confidentiality
50-24.8-13 Cooperation of governmental agencies with Medicaid fraud control unit
50-24.8-14 Authorization to adopt rules