North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 50-19

Maternity Homes

Section Section Name
50-19-01 Definitions
50-19-02 License required
50-19-03 Requirements for license
50-19-03.1 Conviction not bar to licensure ‑ Exceptions
50-19-04 Inspection and report by the department and state fire marshal
50-19-05 Contents of license
50-19-06 Regulation by department
50-19-07 Inspection of maternity home and the records thereof
50-19-08 Every birth attended by qualified physician
50-19-09 Reporting births
50-19-10 Records of maternity home confidential
50-19-11 Offer or advertise to place a child for adoption prohibited
50-19-12 Revocation of license
50-19-13 Hearing on denial or revocation of license
50-19-14 Cooperation of interested persons and agencies
50-19-15 Penalty