North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 50-06.3

Fees and Expenses

Section Section Name
50-06.3-01 Definitions
50-06.3-02 Fees for services at regional centers
50-06.3-03 Fees and expenses chargeable against patients
50-06.3-04 Liability for payment
50-06.3-05 Handicapped patients ‑ Limitation
50-06.3-06 Application for waiver of fees and expenses ‑ Review procedure
50-06.3-07 Claims against the estate of recipients or patients
50-06.3-08 Reduction or writeoff of accounts ‑ Reports required
50-06.3-09 Expenses chargeable against guardianship estate of patient ‑ Restrictions
50-06.3-10 State's attorneys or attorney general to bring action for expenses ‑ Contract for collections
50-06.3-11 Statute of limitations not bar to recovery
50-06.3-12 Interest not to accrue on uncollected claims