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Chapter 49-22

Energy Conversion and Transmission Facility Siting Act
Section Section Name
49-22-01 Short title
49-22-02 Statement of policy
49-22-03 Definitions
49-22-04 Ten‑year plans ‑ Contents
49-22-05 Inventory of potential sites ‑ Criteria ‑ Public hearings
49-22-05.1 Exclusion and avoidance areas ‑ Criteria
49-22-06 Facility development plans
49-22-07 Certificate of site compatibility or route permit required
49-22-07.1 Letter of intent prior to construction
49-22-07.2 Waiver of procedures and time schedules
49-22-08 Application for a certificate ‑ Notice of filing ‑ Amendment ‑ Designation of a site or corridor
49-22-08.1 Application for a permit ‑ Notice of filing ‑ Amendment ‑ Designation of a route
49-22-08.2 Combining application
49-22-09 Factors to be considered in evaluating applications and designation of sites, corridors, and routes
49-22-09.1 Approval of hydroelectric transmission facilities by legislative assembly required
49-22-09.2 Mitigating direct environmental impacts
49-22-10 Designation of sites and corridors
49-22-11 Approval of a specific transmission facility route within a designated corridor
49-22-12 Emergency certification
49-22-12.1 Emergency certification
49-22-13 Public hearings ‑ Notice
49-22-14 Advisory committees ‑ Appointment ‑ Compensation
49-22-14.1 Cooperation with state and federal agencies
49-22-15 Public participation ‑ Meetings ‑ Records
49-22-16 Effect of issuance of certificate or permit ‑ Local land use, zoning, or building rules, regulations, or ordinances ‑ State agency rules
49-22-16.1 Unfair tactics in acquiring land or easements for a facility ‑ Court action ‑ Cancellation of easement ‑ Penalty
49-22-16.2 Easements for a facility ‑ Terms
49-22-16.3 Route adjustment before or during construction for gas or liquid transmission line
49-22-16.4 Light‑mitigating technology system ‑ Rules
49-22-17 Improvement of sites or locations
49-22-18 Rules and regulations
49-22-19 Hearing ‑ Judicial review
49-22-20 Revocation or suspension of certificate or permit
49-22-21 Penalties
49-22-22 Siting process expense recovery ‑ Deposit in special fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
49-22-23 Transfer
49-22-24 Safety
49-22-25 Approval for temporary operation or variance
49-22-26 Protection of cultural or historic site data

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