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Chapter 47-20.1

Survey and Corner Recordation Act
Section Section Name
47-20.1-01 Purpose
47-20.1-02 Definitions
47-20.1-03 Filing of corner record required
47-20.1-04 Filing permitted as to any property corner
47-20.1-05 Form to be prescribed by board
47-20.1-06 Recorder to receive, file, and cross‑index
47-20.1-07 Official corner record
47-20.1-08 Recorder may charge filing fee
47-20.1-09 Surveyor must rehabilitate monuments
47-20.1-10 Minimum corner requirements
47-20.1-11 Corner records to be certified
47-20.1-12 Disturbance of survey corners ‑ Penalty
47-20.1-13 Short title

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