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Chapter 47-06

Real Estate Title by Occupancy and Accession
Section Section Name
47-06-01 Title by occupancy
47-06-02 Title by prescription ‑ Occupancy required
47-06-03 Title to real property ‑ Adverse possession
47-06-04 Fixtures ‑ When tenant may remove
47-06-04.1 Mobile home storm shelters ‑ Placement and transfer of ownership
47-06-05 Riparian accretions
47-06-06 Avulsion ‑ Title ‑ Reclamation by original owner ‑ Limitations
47-06-07 Ancient streambed taken by owners of new course as indemnity
47-06-08 Islands and relicted lands in navigable streams belong to state
47-06-09 Islands and relicted land in non-navigable streams
47-06-10 Island formed by dividing stream ‑ Title

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