North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 44-04

Duties, Records, and Meetings

Section Section Name
44-04-01 When official reports to be made
44-04-02 Penalty for failure to make report
44-04-03 Attorney general and state's attorney to prosecute officer for failure to make report
44-04-04 Aliens convicted of felony or adjudged mentally ill
44-04-05 Certified copies of papers on alien convicted of felony ‑ Request by United States immigration officer
44-04-06 Peace officers to report law violations
44-04-07 Inventory required
44-04-08 Duty of the heads of state institutions and state boards, departments, or offices to make reports
44-04-09 Nepotism
44-04-10 Violation of provisions against nepotism ‑ Penalty
44-04-11 Offices to be kept where required by law ‑ Penalty for violation
44-04-12 Public property must be delivered to successor
44-04-13 Property delivered to successor
44-04-14 Examination of records of county officers ‑ State's attorney to prosecute
44-04-15 Examination of records of local officers ‑ State's attorney to prosecute
44-04-16 Officer to provide blanks and records for office
44-04-17 Various officers' restrictions ‑ Penalty
44-04-17.1 Definitions
44-04-18 Access to public records ‑ Electronically stored information
44-04-18.1 Public employee personal, medical, and employee assistance records ‑ Confidentiality ‑ Personal information maintained by state entities - Exempt
44-04-18.2 Certain economic development records exempt from disclosure
44-04-18.3 Records of juvenile court supervisors and probation officers and law enforcement and correctional employees ‑ Law enforcement work schedules ‑ Confidential informants
44-04-18.4 Confidentiality of trade secret, proprietary, commercial, financial, and research information
44-04-18.5 Computer software programs exempt
44-04-18.6 Access to legislative records and information
44-04-18.7 Criminal intelligence information and criminal investigative information ‑ Nondisclosure ‑ Record of information maintained
44-04-18.8 Examination questions and procedures exemption
44-04-18.9 Access to financial account numbers
44-04-18.10 Disclosure of public records
44-04-18.11 Disclosure pursuant to subpoena or order
44-04-18.12 Cooperative investigations and litigation
44-04-18.13 Lists of minors
44-04-18.14 Information provided to the followup information on North Dakota education and training system
44-04-18.15 Fundraising and donor records exempt
44-04-18.16 Confidentiality of patient records at student health services and university system clinics
44-04-18.17 Personal and financial information in a consumer complaint
44-04-18.18 Autopsy images ‑ Confidential ‑ Exceptions
44-04-18.19 Exemption of records relating to individual recipients of economic assistance or benefits
44-04-18.20 Domestic violence and victim record information exempt
44-04-18.21 Electronic mail addresses and telephone numbers exempt
44-04-18.22 Medical condition or medical treatment information obtained during emergency medical response - Exempt
44-04-18.23 Library, archive, and museum collections ‑ Exempt records
44-04-18.24 Legislative bill tracking records ‑ Exempt
44-04-18.25 Value of property paid or delivered to the administrator of the state abandoned property office ‑ Exempt record
44-04-18.26 Requests for records by members of the legislative assembly and the legislative council
44-04-18.27 Applications for public employment ‑ Hiring process ‑ Confidential records and open records
44-04-18.28 Title IX records at state universities and colleges exempt
44-04-18.29 Information received for audits by the board of university and school lands
44-04-18.30 Identity of reporter to social services agency ‑ Exempt records
44-04-18.31 Background interviews for law enforcement officer applications ‑ Exempt records
44-04-18.32 Medical records or medical information ‑ Exempt
44-04-19 Access to public meetings
44-04-19.1 Open records and open meetings ‑ Exemptions for attorney work product, attorney consultation, and negotiation preparation
44-04-19.2 Confidential or closed meetings
44-04-19.3 Open meetings exemption ‑ Legislative caucuses
44-04-20 Notice of public meetings required ‑ Exceptions ‑ Schedule set by statute, ordinance, or resolution
44-04-21 Open voting at public meetings required ‑ Results recorded in minutes
44-04-21.1 Administrative review procedure
44-04-21.2 Remedies for violations and enforcement procedure
44-04-21.3 Attorney general referral and criminal penalties
44-04-22 Conflict of interest law
44-04-23 Year 2000 information requests ‑ Use ‑ Exceptions
44-04-24 Security system plan ‑ Disaster and cybersecurity information ‑ Exemption
44-04-25 Public health and security plans ‑ Exemption
44-04-26 Security system plan ‑ Public health and security plans ‑ Exemption from public meeting requirements
44-04-27 Computer passwords and security information ‑ Confidential
44-04-28 Social security numbers ‑ Confidential
44-04-29 Client files at the university of North Dakota school of law ‑ Confidential
44-04-30 Records of the state fire marshal, fire departments, and rural fire protection districts confidential
44-04-31 Business associate ‑ Duty to protect information
44-04-32 Animal feeding operation record requests
44-04-33 Reservation of powers not granted to the federal government