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Chapter 43-10.1

Pre-Need Funeral Services
Section Section Name
43-10.1-01 Definitions
43-10.1-02 Pre‑need funeral service contracts
43-10.1-03 Annual report filed with commissioner
43-10.1-03.1 Payments on pre‑need funeral contracts to be deposited ‑ Depository shall keep record of deposit ‑ Personal property storage
43-10.1-04 Bond
43-10.1-05 Verification by commissioner
43-10.1-06 Special audits ‑ Violations of law
43-10.1-06.1 Fraudulent practices
43-10.1-06.2 Orders and injunctions
43-10.1-06.3 Investigations and subpoenas
43-10.1-07 Prosecution for violations of law
43-10.1-07.1 Administration
43-10.1-07.2 Statute of limitations
43-10.1-08 Penalties

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