North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 32-12.2

Claims Against the State

Section Section Name
32-12.2-01 Definitions
32-12.2-02 Liability of the state ‑ Limitations ‑ Statute of limitations (Effective through July 31, 2027)
32-12.2-03 State to be named in action ‑ Personal liability and defense of employees ‑ Indemnification of claims and final judgments
32-12.2-04 Notice required ‑ Payment of claims
32-12.2-05 Arbitration of claims
32-12.2-06 Liability insurance ‑ Reinsurance
32-12.2-07 Risk management fund ‑ Appropriation
32-12.2-08 Duties of director of the office of management and budget
32-12.2-09 Insurance no waiver of immunity
32-12.2-10 Eleventh Amendment immunity preserved
32-12.2-11 Certain records relating to claims against the state or state employees privileged and exempt from open records law
32-12.2-12 State agency loss control committee records and meetings privileged and exempt from open records and open meetings law
32-12.2-13 Contract between the state and a political subdivision
32-12.2-14 Risk management motor vehicle accident review board ‑ Powers ‑ Records ‑ Meetings
32-12.2-15 Contracts limiting liability to the state
32-12.2-16 Ratifying contracts limiting liability to the state
32-12.2-17 Indemnification and insurance requirements in state contracts
32-12.2-18 Student required driving in educational programs
32-12.2-19 Data breach response and remediation costs