North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 32-12.1

Governmental Liability

Section Section Name
32-12.1-01 Legislative intent
32-12.1-02 Definitions
32-12.1-03 Liability of political subdivisions ‑ Limitations (Effective through July 31, 2027)
32-12.1-04 Political subdivision to be named in action ‑ Personal liability of employees ‑ Indemnification of claims and final judgments
32-12.1-05 Liability insurance policy coverage
32-12.1-06 Statement to commissioner
32-12.1-07 Authorized insurance
32-12.1-08 Political subdivision risk funding
32-12.1-09 Duties of insurance commissioner
32-12.1-10 Statute of limitations
32-12.1-11 Judgment against political subdivision ‑ Levy authority ‑ Additional tax levy for insured subdivisions
32-12.1-12 Compromise of judgments against political subdivisions ‑ Tax levy to pay reduced judgment ‑ Tax limitations not applicable
32-12.1-13 Bonds may be issued to pay compromised amount ‑ Regulations governing
32-12.1-14 Levy of tax to pay principal and interest of bonds ‑ Duty of county auditor
32-12.1-15 State agencies authorized to purchase insurance and participate in government self‑insurance pools ‑ Approval by insurance commissioner