North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 32-03.2

Fault, Damages, and Payments

Section Section Name
32-03.2-01 Definition
32-03.2-02 Modified comparative fault
32-03.2-02.1 Automobile accident damage liability
32-03.2-03 Pure comparative fault ‑ Product liability actions
32-03.2-04 Economic and noneconomic damages for wrongful death or injury to person
32-03.2-05 Separate finding on damages
32-03.2-06 Reduction for collateral source payments
32-03.2-07 Pleading of damages
32-03.2-08 Review of reasonableness of economic damages
32-03.2-09 Periodic payments for continuing custodial care
32-03.2-10 Nondisclosure of reduction for collateral source payments
32-03.2-11 When court or jury may give exemplary damages
32-03.2-12 Post-trial review