North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-09

Railroad Crossings

Section Section Name
24-09-01 Definitions
24-09-01.1 Standard railroad crossing warning systems ‑ Survey for additional warning systems
24-09-02 Uniform warning systems at railroad crossings
24-09-03 Railroads to establish signs
24-09-04 Advance warning signs ‑ Exceptions
24-09-05 Stop signs may be required
24-09-06 Vehicles carrying school children, passengers for hire, or explosives must stop at railroad crossing
24-09-07 Speed limit at railroad crossing
24-09-08 Additional safeguards at crossings may be required
24-09-08.1 Department of transportation to apportion cost ‑ Exception
24-09-09 Warning devices must be approved by department of transportation
24-09-10 Changing or closing railroad crossing ‑ Power of public service commission ‑ Hearing
24-09-11 Overhead and underground railroad crossings may be required
24-09-12 Advertising signs not to obstruct or resemble crossing signs
24-09-13 Injuring crossing signs ‑ Penalty
24-09-14 Failure to stop at crossing does not affect right to recover for injuries ‑ Penalty