North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-07

Opening and Vacating Highways

Section Section Name
24-07-01 Public roads by prescription
24-07-02 Established roads are public highways
24-07-03 Section lines considered public roads open for public travel ‑ Closing same under certain conditions
24-07-03.1 Improvement of section line by landowner
24-07-04 Jurisdiction of proceedings to open or vacate highway
24-07-05 Petition for laying out, altering, or discontinuing roads
24-07-06 Public road may be established to give access to highway
24-07-07 Survey of proposed road ‑ Deviation from petition
24-07-08 State land subject to chapter
24-07-09 Copy of petition to be posted
24-07-10 Notice to all parties to be given ‑ What deemed to be notices
24-07-11 When notice dispensed with
24-07-12 Petition must be filed with county auditor
24-07-13 Examination of proposed highway
24-07-14 Proceedings when road is laid out, altered, or discontinued
24-07-15 Order or certified copy ‑ Competent evidence
24-07-16 Damages ‑ How ascertained
24-07-17 When damages not allowed
24-07-18 Determination final for one year
24-07-19 Notice to party to remove fences
24-07-20 Notice to overseer of highways
24-07-21 Repair of highways across railroads, canals, or ditches
24-07-22 Appeals ‑ When and where taken
24-07-23 Appeals ‑ How taken ‑ Notice ‑ Bond
24-07-24 Appeals ‑ Filing ‑ Approval of undertaking ‑ Service
24-07-25 Trial in county court
24-07-26 Trial in district court
24-07-27 Scope of review upon appeal
24-07-28 Judgment ‑ Copy filed
24-07-29 Costs of appeal
24-07-30 When appeal sustained ‑ Duty of the board
24-07-31 Nonuse for ten years will vacate highway
24-07-32 Highways on county and township lines
24-07-33 Public lands ‑ Damages
24-07-34 Roads on lines between township and city
24-07-35 Designation of minimum maintenance road
24-07-36 Required signs on minimum maintenance roads
24-07-37 Limitations on designation of minimum maintenance roads