North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-06

Local Road Improvements

Section Section Name
24-06-01 Board of township supervisors has supervision over township roads
24-06-02 Township may purchase road machinery ‑ Credit terms
24-06-03 Election required if road machinery costs more than four hundred dollars
24-06-04 Cost of township road machinery ‑ How paid
24-06-05 Overseer responsible for machinery
24-06-06 Storage of implements
24-06-07 Road machinery ‑ Sale, purchase, lease
24-06-08 Contracts for township road improvements ‑ Notice ‑ Bids
24-06-09 Contract for township road and bridge work by county, township, or soil conservation district
24-06-10 Roads contiguous to municipality ‑ Grades ‑ How established
24-06-11 Construction of crossings over ditches, drains, and roads
24-06-12 Townships may unite efforts
24-06-13 Townships composed of more than one congressional township ‑ Expenditure of road taxes
24-06-14 District overseer of highways
24-06-15 Road taxes in unorganized territory ‑ How expended
24-06-16 Report of district overseer of highways
24-06-17 Road taxes must be paid in cash
24-06-18 Road taxes to be paid to local subdivisions
24-06-19 Expenditure of road taxes
24-06-20 Work on roads to proceed upon levy of taxes
24-06-21 Road tax may be worked out
24-06-22 Supervisors to fix compensation for road work, when
24-06-23 County commissioners to fix rate, when
24-06-24 Compensation for road work when not fixed
24-06-25 Work done prior to August first
24-06-26 Ditches to drain highways ‑ Proceedings to establish
24-06-26.1 Township road and drainage construction standards
24-06-26.2 Maintenance of township road ditches ‑ Limited duty
24-06-26.3 Maintenance of township road ditches by private party ‑ Power of board of township supervisors ‑ Approval ‑ Standards of construction
24-06-27 Penalty for injuring ditch
24-06-28 Obstruction of section lines prohibited ‑ Exception ‑ Certain fences not considered obstructions ‑ Obstructions and traffic safety hazards - Penalty
24-06-29 Removal of permanent obstructions ‑ Removal of obstructions and traffic safety hazards - Cost
24-06-30 Removal of fences ‑ Notice ‑ Cost
24-06-31 Obstructions in highway
24-06-32 Penalty for refusal to serve as road overseer
24-06-33 Method of construction of highway ditches
24-06-34 Notice to water resource districts