North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-05

County Roads

Section Section Name
24-05-01 County road system and construction plan ‑ County road and bridge tax levy ‑ Allocation and use of funds
24-05-02 Fund ‑ How expended
24-05-03 Payments made for completed work only
24-05-04 Contracts to be advertised ‑ Road construction ‑ Requirements for rental contracts
24-05-04.1 County not to lease its equipment for less than cost of operation
24-05-04.2 Contracts to be advertised - Road construction
24-05-05 County auditor to issue warrants
24-05-06 Compensation of county surveyor
24-05-07 County may deviate from section lines ‑ Condemn or purchase right of way
24-05-08 Highways on state line
24-05-09 Purchase or condemnation of right of way
24-05-10 Damages ‑ How ascertained ‑ Special board
24-05-11 Hearing before special board ‑ Notice
24-05-12 Payment or deposit of damages ‑ Receipt
24-05-13 Receipt for payment to be recorded if no appeal taken
24-05-14 Appeal ‑ How taken ‑ Jury trial
24-05-15 Appeal does not stay proceedings
24-05-16 County road system ‑ Designation
24-05-17 Responsibility for county road system
24-05-18 Counties may cooperate with department ‑ Procedure
24-05-19 County bound to provide its share of cost
24-05-20 County and township road grades and ditches to be back sloped ‑ Planting of grass ‑ Plant pest control
24-05-21 Roads and approaches intersecting with county or township roads ‑ Requirement
24-05-22 Graded inslope requirement ‑ Exceptions
24-05-23 Encroachment upon county roads, ditches, approaches ‑ Liability for damages
24-05-24 County and township road rights of way ‑ Removal of obstructions