North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-01

State Highway System

Section Section Name
24-01-01 Declaration of legislative intent
24-01-01.1 Definition of words and phrases
24-01-01.2 State highway system ‑ Mileage
24-01-02 Designation of state highway system
24-01-03 Responsibility for state highway system
24-01-03.1 Highway performance classification plan
24-01-04 Municipalities to develop master street plan
24-01-04.1 Metropolitan planning organizations
24-01-04.2 Corridors of commerce program ‑ Corridors of commerce fund
24-01-05 Designation of county system ‑ Removal from state highway system
24-01-06 Authority to abandon sections of routes
24-01-07 Maps of state, county, and municipal systems
24-01-08 Uniform marking and erection of signs on highway
24-01-08.1 Location of signs precluding the cultivation of right of way
24-01-09 Authority to prescribe traffic‑control signals
24-01-09.1 State highway commissioner to adopt sign manual
24-01-09.2 State highway commissioner to place signs on all state highways
24-01-10 Local jurisdictions may provide additional capacity to state highway
24-01-11 Maintenance of additional width of state highway system in municipalities
24-01-12 Regulation of advertising signs on highways
24-01-12.1 Harvesting hay on state highway system ‑ Storage and removal
24-01-12.2 Hay disposal
24-01-12.3 Entry into no‑mow agreements
24-01-13 Enforcement of highway laws ‑ Vehicle size and weight controlled
24-01-14 Speed research
24-01-15 Director to designate through highways
24-01-16 Erection and maintenance of guardrails
24-01-17 Grade crossing elimination
24-01-18 Right of way and materials may be acquired by purchase or eminent domain
24-01-18.1 Right of way adjacent to customs and immigration
24-01-18.2 Sites for customs and immigration ‑ Governor to convey
24-01-19 Board of county commissioners may determine damages
24-01-20 Damages to be paid into court
24-01-21 Receipt to be signed by owner or clerk of court
24-01-22 Title vests after thirty days if no appeal taken
24-01-22.1 Appeal after deposit for taking
24-01-23 Appeals from decision of board of county commissioners ‑ Procedure ‑ Special term of court
24-01-24 Appeal does not stay condemnation proceedings
24-01-25 Fees not charged for recording instruments
24-01-26 Grants of rights of way confirmed
24-01-27 Survey ‑ Plat ‑ Damages from survey
24-01-28 Vacating highways by director ‑ Sale of property
24-01-29 Temporary acquisition of rights of way or easements for detours
24-01-30 Authority to establish controlled‑access facilities
24-01-31 Design of controlled‑access facility
24-01-32 Acquisition of property and property rights
24-01-33 New and existing facilities ‑ Grade crossing elimination
24-01-34 Authority of local units to consent
24-01-35 Local service roads
24-01-36 Bridges may be built separately
24-01-37 Inspection of bridges
24-01-38 Bridge across Yellowstone River in McKenzie County
24-01-39 Use of right of way for utilities subject to regulations by department
24-01-40 Right of way for utilities ‑ Granted by director
24-01-41 Relocation of utility facilities
24-01-41.1 Relocation of property other than utilities
24-01-41.2 Relocation of utility facilities ‑ Political subdivision roads
24-01-42 Construction of utility facility ‑ Limitation
24-01-43 Utility facility ‑ Removal
24-01-44 Utility facility ‑ Right of way for relocation
24-01-45 Controlled‑access facility ‑ Commercial establishments prohibited
24-01-46 Clearing record title of right of way
24-01-47 Legislative intent ‑ Access routes
24-01-48 Access routes to controlled‑access facility
24-01-49 Approach or escape road to be built at all dead end roads or intersections of county and state highways
24-01-50 No‑mow transfer to interstate highways
24-01-51 Haying of no‑mow areas
24-01-52 Multilane highway for United States highway 52
24-01-53 Cost recovery for relocation of utility facilities due to implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
24-01-54 Theodore Roosevelt expressway ‑ United States highway 85
24-01-55 Yellowstone trail - United States highway 12
24-01-56 Veterans memorial highway ‑ State highway 22 ‑ Continuing appropriation
24-01-57 Akicita (veteran) memorial highway ‑ State highway 57 ‑ Continuing appropriation