North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-15

Canvass of Votes - Canvassing Boards

Section Section Name
16.1-15-01 Ballots void and not counted ‑ Part of ballot may be counted
16.1-15-01.1 Counting write‑in votes
16.1-15-02 Board of election to generate canvass reports ‑ Location ‑ Public may attend
16.1-15-02.1 Alternative method for canvassing election for counties using or sharing electronic voting systems or electronic counting machines ‑ County resolution board
16.1-15-03 Manner of canvassing election
16.1-15-04 Canvass report prepared by election board for county auditor
16.1-15-05 Oath required of members of election board upon completion of canvass ‑ Contents
16.1-15-06 Canvass report and pollbooks sent to county auditor ‑ Compensation for making returns
16.1-15-07 County auditor not to refuse election returns if delivered in undirected manner ‑ Informality in holding election
16.1-15-08 Wrapping and returning of ballots to county recorder ‑ Ballots set aside to election official administering the election
16.1-15-09 Voting systems ‑ Returns
16.1-15-10 Failure of voting system ‑ Counting by alternate method
16.1-15-11 Locking and examination of voting machines ‑ Tally of voting machine votes ‑ Certification to district judge or clerk of district court
16.1-15-12 Care and custody of ballot boxes and voting machines
16.1-15-13 County recorder to keep ballots ‑ Exception ‑ Use of ballots as evidence
16.1-15-14 Failure to comply with formalities not to invalidate election ‑ Evidence of compliance
16.1-15-15 County canvassing board ‑ Composition
16.1-15-16 Qualifications of members of canvassing board ‑ Replacements ‑ Quorum
16.1-15-17 Time of county canvassing board meeting ‑ Oath required ‑ Reconsideration of canvass
16.1-15-18 Compensation as members of board
16.1-15-19 County canvassing board to disregard technicalities, misspelling, and abbreviations ‑ Ballots set aside ‑ Write‑in votes canvassed ‑ Votes from unestablished polling places disregarded
16.1-15-20 County canvassing board may subpoena members of election board to correct errors ‑ Failure to obey subpoena is a contempt
16.1-15-21 Primary election statement prepared by county canvassing board ‑ Contents
16.1-15-22 County auditor to transmit abstract of votes to secretary of state after primary election
16.1-15-23 Notice of nomination given candidate for county office by county auditor ‑ Publication of findings of canvassing board
16.1-15-24 Abstracts of votes of general election made by county canvassing board ‑ Contents
16.1-15-25 County auditor to forward abstract of votes of general election to secretary of state ‑ Contents ‑ Abstract for presidential electors
16.1-15-26 Notification of date of receiving returns in secretary of state's office
16.1-15-27 Abstract of votes ‑ Secretary of state to record ‑ Failure of county auditor to send ‑ Messenger dispatched
16.1-15-28 Certificate of election for officers elected in county at general election
16.1-15-29 Determining tie vote in county offices
16.1-15-30 Determining tie vote for legislative assembly
16.1-15-31 County auditor to make certificate for payment of election officials ‑ Payment
16.1-15-32 County auditor to publish returns of election
16.1-15-33 State canvassing board ‑ Membership ‑ Oath ‑ Quorum ‑ Compensation
16.1-15-34 Member of state canvassing board ‑ When disqualified
16.1-15-35 Meeting of state canvassing board
16.1-15-36 Returns to be canvassed by state canvassing board
16.1-15-37 Examination of abstracts by state canvassing board ‑ Messenger dispatched to county when error discovered
16.1-15-38 Adjournment of state canvassing board
16.1-15-39 Disagreements in canvassing returns by canvassing board ‑ Disregarding technicalities, misspelled words, and abbreviations
16.1-15-40 Abstract prepared by state canvassing board for primary election ‑ Contents ‑ Signing ‑ Candidate notified of nomination
16.1-15-41 Statements of general or special election prepared by state canvassing board ‑ Contents
16.1-15-42 Certificate of result of general or special election by state canvassing board ‑ Secretary of state to receive
16.1-15-43 When special election ordered
16.1-15-44 Secretary of state to record statement of general or special election, prepare certificates of election, publish abstract
16.1-15-45 Form of certificate of election for state officers ‑ Signatures
16.1-15-46 Members of legislative assembly to receive certificates of election
16.1-15-47 Certificate of election to member of Congress ‑ Signing ‑ Delivering
16.1-15-48 Canvassing returns of constitutional amendment or other proposition ‑ Certified abstract of result ‑ Contents
16.1-15-49 Certified statement and determination of results of constitutional amendments and propositions recorded by secretary of state ‑ Publishing