North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-12

Certificates of Nomination - Vacancies

Section Section Name
16.1-12-01 Certificate of nomination ‑ Party and independent
16.1-12-02 Certificates of nomination by petition ‑ Form and contents
16.1-12-02.1 Applicant's name placed upon ballot ‑ Affidavit to accompany petition
16.1-12-02.2 Certificate of candidacy by write‑in candidates
16.1-12-02.3 Nominating petition for an independent candidate not to be circulated more than one hundred fifty days before filing time - Special election
16.1-12-03 Certificate of nomination to contain only one name ‑ Individual to participate in only one nomination ‑ Exception
16.1-12-04 Certificates of nomination ‑ Time and place of filing
16.1-12-05 Secretary of state to certify nominations to county auditor ‑ Duty of county auditor
16.1-12-06 Individual nominated by more than one party
16.1-12-07 If nominee declines ‑ Certificate void
16.1-12-08 Vacancy occurring on ballot before election day but after ballots are printed ‑ Stickers used
16.1-12-09 Filling vacancy existing on no‑party ballot ‑ Petition required ‑ Time of filing
16.1-12-10 Party committee to fill vacancy occurring after nomination for party office