North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-06

Ballots - Voting Machines - Electronic Voting Systems

Section Section Name
16.1-06-01 Ballots furnished at public expense ‑ Exceptions
16.1-06-02 Ballots prepared by county auditor or local official ‑ Penalty
16.1-06-03 Official ballots only to be used
16.1-06-04 Form and quality of ballots generally
16.1-06-05 Form of general election ballot
16.1-06-06 General election ballots for persons authorized to vote for presidential electors only ‑ Prepared separately ‑ General law governs
16.1-06-07 Arrangement of names on ballot for presidential electors
16.1-06-07.1 Arrangement of names on ballot ‑ Presidential electors
16.1-06-08 No‑party ballot at general elections ‑ Contents ‑ Delivered to elector
16.1-06-09 Constitutional amendments and initiated and referred measures ‑ Manner of stating question ‑ Fiscal impact statement ‑ Explanation of effect of vote ‑ Order of listing
16.1-06-09.1 Constitutional amendments ‑ Statement of intent
16.1-06-10 Voting machines authorized
16.1-06-10.1 Electronic counting machines authorized ‑ Sharing of machines
16.1-06-11 Voting systems authorized
16.1-06-12 Definitions
16.1-06-13 Requirements for voting machines
16.1-06-14 Requirements for voting systems
16.1-06-15 Mandatory testing of electronic voting systems before each election and after tabulation of ballots
16.1-06-16 County auditor to provide and distribute ballots ‑ Other election supplies delivered at same time
16.1-06-17 County auditor to provide ballots and other voting system supplies
16.1-06-18 Delivery of ballots
16.1-06-19 Instructions, advertisements, maps, and ballots posted in polling places
16.1-06-20 Election inspector and judges to display material and provide instruction
16.1-06-21 Pollbooks delivered by county auditor ‑ Contents ‑ Inspector of elections to deliver
16.1-06-22 County to provide ballot boxes
16.1-06-23 Secretary of state to send instructions to county auditor to make returns
16.1-06-24 Voting machines ‑ Violations ‑ Penalty
16.1-06-25 Voting systems ‑ Violations ‑ Penalty
16.1-06-26 Secretary of state to adopt rules for the purpose of certifying and decertifying voting systems