North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-05

Election Officers

Section Section Name
16.1-05-01 Election officers
16.1-05-02 Qualifications of members of the board of election ‑ Oath of office
16.1-05-03 Secretary of state and county auditors to distribute election information ‑ County auditor to provide instruction
16.1-05-04 Duties of the members of the election board during polling hours
16.1-05-05 Compensation of election officers
16.1-05-06 Challenging right to vote ‑ Identification or affidavit required ‑ Penalty for false swearing ‑ Optional poll checkers
16.1-05-07 Poll clerks to check identification and verify eligibility ‑ Poll clerks to request, correct, and update incorrect information contained in the pollbook
16.1-05-08 County auditor to provide election board members with precinct maps or precinct finder
16.1-05-09 Election observers