North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 14-15

Revised Uniform Adoption Act

Section Section Name
14-15-01 Definitions
14-15-02 Who may be adopted
14-15-03 Who may adopt
14-15-04 Venue ‑ Inconvenient forum ‑ Caption
14-15-05 Persons required to consent to adoption
14-15-06 Individuals as to whom consent not required ‑ Notice of hearing
14-15-07 How consent is executed
14-15-08 Withdrawal of consent
14-15-09 Petition for adoption
14-15-10 Report of petitioner's expenditures
14-15-11 Notice of petition ‑ Investigation and hearing
14-15-12 Required residence of minor
14-15-12.1 Health insurance requirements for adoptees
14-15-13 Appearance ‑ Continuance ‑ Disposition of petition
14-15-14 Effect of petition and decree of adoption
14-15-15 Appeal and validation of adoption decree
14-15-16 Hearings and records in adoption proceedings ‑ Confidential nature ‑ Disclosure of identifying and nonidentifying information ‑ Retroactive operation
14-15-17 Recognition or validation of foreign decree affecting adoption
14-15-18 Application for new birth record
14-15-19 Relinquishment and termination of parent and child relationship
14-15-19.1 Right to counsel
14-15-20 Adoption and legitimation by conduct
14-15-21 Application and construction
14-15-22 Short title
14-15-23 Effect on pending proceedings