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Chapter 12-46

North Dakota Youth Correctional Center
Section Section Name
12-46-01 Youth correctional center ‑ Location ‑ Purpose ‑ Name
12-46-02 Within jurisdiction of Morton County
12-46-03 Officers of the North Dakota youth correctional center
12-46-04 Appointment of officers
12-46-05 Oath of superintendent
12-46-06 Salary of superintendent, officers, and employees
12-46-07 Members of board and officers of institutions not to be interested in certain contracts
12-46-08 Officers to be furnished food supplies
12-46-09 Administrator may make rules
12-46-10 Records of institutional transactions, complaints, and rule infractions
12-46-10.1 Disciplinary committee ‑ Members ‑ Duties
12-46-11 Duties of subordinates and teachers
12-46-12 Child under twelve years not committed to North Dakota youth correctional center
12-46-13 Who may be sent to North Dakota youth correctional center ‑ Court procedure
12-46-14 Transportation of persons committed to North Dakota youth correctional center
12-46-15 Contents of order of commitment
12-46-16 Person committed or sentenced to North Dakota industrial school a minor until eighteen
12-46-17 Incorrigible student returned to sheriff ‑ Original proceedings continued
12-46-18 Employment and compensation of children
12-46-19 Disposition of moneys received
12-46-20 Forfeiture of earnings on escape or violation of parole
12-46-21 Aiding inmates to escape ‑ Misdemeanor
12-46-22 Service of process
12-46-23 Officers and employees exempt from jury duty
12-46-24 Prohibition on delivery or possession of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances to or by students ‑ Penalties
12-46-25 Youth correctional center career and technical education shop revolving fund

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