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Chapter 10-06.1

Corporate or Limited Liability Company Farming
Section Section Name
10-06.1-01 Definitions
10-06.1-02 Farming or ranching by corporations and limited liability companies prohibited
10-06.1-03 Retention of mineral interests prohibited
10-06.1-04 Conversion of corporations
10-06.1-05 Conversion of limited liability company
10-06.1-06 Surface coal mining ‑ Exception
10-06.1-07 Industrial and business purpose exception
10-06.1-08 Cooperative corporations allowed to engage in the business of farming or ranching ‑ Requirements
10-06.1-09 Certain nonprofit organizations or trusts may own or lease land ‑ Certain nonprofit organizations may continue farming or ranching ‑ Restriction on acquisition and ownership of land
10-06.1-10 Acquisition of certain farmland or ranchland by certain nonprofit organizations
10-06.1-11 Required divestiture of agricultural land
10-06.1-12 Corporation or limited liability company allowed to engage in the business of farming or ranching ‑ Requirements
10-06.1-12.1 Ownership or leasing of land by corporations - Exceptions
10-06.1-13 Applicability of North Dakota Business Corporation Act
10-06.1-14 Applicability of North Dakota limited liability company laws
10-06.1-15 Initial report ‑ Shareholder and member requirements
10-06.1-16 Share and membership interest transfer records
10-06.1-17 Annual report ‑ Contents ‑ Filing requirements
10-06.1-18 Reports of corporations and limited liability companies not engaged in farming or ranching
10-06.1-19 Exemption from certain disclosure and other requirements for certain organizations
10-06.1-20 Failure to file report ‑ Penalty
10-06.1-21 Secretary of state to transmit information of noncompliance
10-06.1-22 Tax commissioner to compare returns and reports
10-06.1-23 Attorney general to conduct random compliance program
10-06.1-24 Enforcement ‑ Penalty
10-06.1-25 Private enforcement
10-06.1-26 Protection of minority shareholders
10-06.1-27 Protection of minority members

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