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Sixty-seventh Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Koppelman, B.

Primary Sponsor

HB 1248
Relating to the authority of a political subdivision regarding firearms.
HB 1249
AN ACT to provide for a legislative management study of the building space needs of the legislative branch.
HB 1297
Relating to the possession of firearms or dangerous weapons at a public gathering.
HB 1298
Relating to participation in athletic events exclusively for males or females; and to provide for a legislative management study.
HB 1299
Relating to prohibiting a retail establishment from refusing to accept cash as payment; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1300
Relating to special assessment fund balances.
HB 1301
Relating to civil immunity for communicable diseases and mandatory communicable disease immunizations; to provide a penalty; to provide for application; and to declare an emergency.
HB 1304
Relating to carrying a handgun; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1305
Relating to the duties of the attorney general.
HB 1307
A BILL for an Act to prohibit public accommodations from refusing services to an individual because the individual has not been vaccinated; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1309
Relating to payment of use tax by contractors; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1310
Relating to an exception to the payment of sales and use taxes; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1311
Relating to possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon at a public gathering.
HB 1315
Relating to speed limitations on multilane highways and minimum speed limits; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1322
Relating to the attorney general's review of proposed administrative rules and the authority of the administrative rules committee to object to or void an administrative rule.
HB 1450
Relating to a license to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon concealed; and to provide an expiration date.
HB 1498
Relating to brandishing a dangerous weapon; and to amend and reenact sections 12.1‑05‑06, 12.1‑05‑07, and 12.1‑05‑07.2 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to use of force in defense of property, limits on the use of force and deadly force, and immunity from civil liability.
HCR 3033
A concurrent resolution calling for a convention to amend the United States Constitution to impose term limits on members of Congress.

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Total Bills Introduced —55