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Action to Measures

November 12, 2021

HJ=House Journal; SJ=Senate Journal

Action to Measures
MeasureActionJournal Page(s)
First dayCorrection of journalHJ2235
Fourth dayCorrection of journalHJ2306
HB 1504Amendments adoptedHJ2242
HB 1504Amendments failedSJ2008 SJ2008
HB 1504Committee reportSJ1989 HJ2240
HB 1504Delivered to GovernorHJ2298
HB 1504(Division A) PassedHJ2243 SJ2008
HB 1504(Division B) PassedHJ2243 SJ2008
HB 1504Governor signedHJ2306
HB 1504IntroducedHJ2231 SJ1990
HB 1504PassedHJ2243 SJ2008
HB 1504President signedSJ2031
HB 1504Received from HouseSJ1989
HB 1504Returned to HouseHJ2271
HB 1504Speaker signedHJ2298
HB 1505Amendments adoptedHJ2242 SJ2026
HB 1505Committee reportHJ2240 SJ2022
HB 1505ConcurredHJ2289
HB 1505Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1505Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1505IntroducedHJ2231 SJ1990
HB 1505PassedHJ2242 SJ2027 HJ2289
HB 1505President signedSJ2047
HB 1505Received from HouseSJ1989
HB 1505Returned to HouseHJ2287
HB 1505Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1506Amendments adoptedHJ2242 SJ2026
HB 1506Committee reportHJ2241 SJ2023
HB 1506ConcurredHJ2289
HB 1506Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1506Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1506IntroducedHJ2231 SJ1990
HB 1506PassedHJ2242 SJ2026 HJ2289
HB 1506President signedSJ2047
HB 1506Received from HouseSJ1989
HB 1506Returned to HouseHJ2287
HB 1506Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1507Amendments adoptedHJ2270
HB 1507Committee reportHJ2268 SJ2013
HB 1507Delivered to GovernorHJ2298
HB 1507Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1507IntroducedHJ2231 SJ2013
HB 1507PassedHJ2270 SJ2022
HB 1507President signedSJ2028
HB 1507Received from HouseSJ2012
HB 1507Returned to HouseHJ2298
HB 1507Speaker signedHJ2298
HB 1508Amendments adoptedHJ2279
HB 1508Committee reportSJ2032 HJ2277
HB 1508Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1508Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1508IntroducedHJ2231 SJ2032
HB 1508PassedHJ2280 SJ2042
HB 1508President signedSJ2047
HB 1508Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1508Returned to HouseHJ2308
HB 1508Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1509Amendments adoptedHJ2279
HB 1509Committee reportSJ2032 HJ2279
HB 1509Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1509Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1509IntroducedHJ2231 SJ2032
HB 1509PassedHJ2281 SJ2044
HB 1509President signedSJ2047
HB 1509Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1509Returned to HouseHJ2308
HB 1509Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1510Committee reportHJ2297
HB 1510FailedHJ2297
HB 1510IntroducedHJ2231
HB 1511Amendments adoptedHJ2294 SJ2044
HB 1511Amendments failedSJ2044
HB 1511Committee reportHJ2291 SJ2039
HB 1511ConcurredHJ2306
HB 1511Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1511(Division A) Amendments adoptedHJ2294
HB 1511(Division A) PassedHJ2295
HB 1511(Division B) Amendments adoptedHJ2294
HB 1511(Division B) PassedHJ2295
HB 1511(Division C) Amendments adoptedHJ2294
HB 1511(Division D) Amendments adoptedHJ2294
HB 1511Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1511IntroducedHJ2232 SJ2032
HB 1511PassedHJ2295 SJ2044 HJ2306
HB 1511President signedSJ2047
HB 1511Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1511Returned to HouseHJ2306
HB 1511Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1512Amendments adoptedHJ2279 SJ2043
HB 1512Committee reportSJ2024 SJ2033 HJ2277
HB 1512ConcurredHJ2307
HB 1512Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1512Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1512IntroducedHJ2232 SJ2032
HB 1512PassedHJ2281 SJ2043 HJ2307
HB 1512President signedSJ2047
HB 1512Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1512RereferredSJ2026
HB 1512Returned to HouseHJ2307
HB 1512Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1513Amendments adoptedHJ2242
HB 1513Committee reportSJ1989 HJ2242
HB 1513Delivered to GovernorHJ2298
HB 1513Governor signedHJ2306
HB 1513IntroducedHJ2232 SJ1990
HB 1513PassedHJ2244 SJ2012
HB 1513President signedSJ2031
HB 1513Received from HouseSJ1989
HB 1513Returned to HouseHJ2271
HB 1513Speaker signedHJ2298
HB 1514Amendments adoptedHJ2291
HB 1514Committee reportSJ2033 HJ2290
HB 1514Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1514Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1514IntroducedHJ2232 SJ2032
HB 1514Laid overHJ2283
HB 1514PassedHJ2297 SJ2045
HB 1514President signedSJ2047
HB 1514Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1514Returned to HouseHJ2308
HB 1514Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1515Amendments adoptedHJ2279
HB 1515Committee reportSJ2034 HJ2276
HB 1515Delivered to GovernorHJ2309
HB 1515Governor signedHJ2309
HB 1515IntroducedHJ2261 SJ2032
HB 1515PassedHJ2280 SJ2046
HB 1515President signedSJ2047
HB 1515Received from HouseSJ2028
HB 1515Returned to HouseHJ2308
HB 1515Speaker signedHJ2309
HB 1516IntroducedHJ2261
HB 1516WithdrawnHJ2271
HCR 3049Amendments adoptedHJ2279
HCR 3049Committee reportSJ2034 HJ2277
HCR 3049Delivered to Secretary of StateHJ2309
HCR 3049IntroducedHJ2232 SJ2032
HCR 3049President signedSJ2047
HCR 3049Received from HouseSJ2028
HCR 3049Resolution adoptedHJ2280 SJ2046
HCR 3049Returned to HouseHJ2308
HCR 3049Speaker signedHJ2309
SB 2345Amendments adoptedSJ2000 HJ2286
SB 2345Amendments failedSJ2000
SB 2345Committee reportSJ1993 HJ2283
SB 2345ConcurredSJ2042
SB 2345Delivered to GovernorSJ2047
SB 2345(Division A) PassedSJ2000
SB 2345(Division B) PassedSJ2000
SB 2345Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2345IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2271
SB 2345PassedSJ2000 HJ2286 SJ2042
SB 2345President signedSJ2047
SB 2345Received from SenateHJ2271
SB 2345Returned to SenateSJ2028
SB 2345Speaker signedHJ2309
SB 2346Amendments failedSJ1987
SB 2346Committee reportSJ1973 HJ2247
SB 2346Delivered to GovernorSJ2028
SB 2346Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2346IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2261
SB 2346PassedSJ1987 HJ2265
SB 2346President signedSJ2028
SB 2346Received from SenateHJ2247
SB 2346Returned to SenateSJ2012
SB 2346Speaker signedHJ2298
SB 2347Committee reportSJ1973 HJ2247
SB 2347Delivered to GovernorSJ2028
SB 2347Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2347IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2261
SB 2347PassedSJ1987 HJ2265
SB 2347President signedSJ2028
SB 2347Received from SenateHJ2247
SB 2347Returned to SenateSJ2012
SB 2347Speaker signedHJ2298
SB 2348Amendments adoptedSJ1987
SB 2348Committee reportSJ1973 HJ2247
SB 2348Delivered to GovernorSJ2028
SB 2348Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2348IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2261
SB 2348PassedSJ1987 HJ2266
SB 2348President signedSJ2028
SB 2348Received from SenateHJ2247
SB 2348Returned to SenateSJ2012
SB 2348Speaker signedHJ2298
SB 2349Committee reportSJ1986 HJ2261
SB 2349Delivered to GovernorSJ2028
SB 2349Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2349IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2261
SB 2349PassedSJ1988 HJ2266
SB 2349President signedSJ2028
SB 2349Received from SenateHJ2247
SB 2349Returned to SenateSJ2012
SB 2349Speaker signedHJ2298
SB 2350Committee reportSJ2022 HJ2299
SB 2350Delivered to GovernorSJ2047
SB 2350Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2350IntroducedSJ1969 HJ2299
SB 2350PassedSJ2027 HJ2305
SB 2350President signedSJ2047
SB 2350Received from SenateHJ2298
SB 2350Returned to SenateSJ2043
SB 2350Speaker signedHJ2309
SB 2351Amendments failedSJ2027
SB 2351Committee reportSJ2013 HJ2299
SB 2351Delivered to GovernorSJ2047
SB 2351Governor signedSJ2047
SB 2351IntroducedSJ1990 HJ2299
SB 2351PassedSJ2027 HJ2305
SB 2351President signedSJ2047
SB 2351Received from SenateHJ2298
SB 2351Returned to SenateSJ2043
SB 2351Speaker signedHJ2309
Third dayCorrection of journalHJ2282

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