Major Topic Index - Workforce Safety and Insurance

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation HB 1021
Appeal of Workforce Safety and Insurance Decision HB 1040
Attorney's Fees and Reimbursement to Employers HB 1051
Audits of Employers Conducting Business in This State HB 1051
Defining Health Care Provider to Include Physical Therapist SB 2148
Definition of Compensable Injury - Mental or Psychological Condition HB 1271
Definition of Wages for Purposes of Workers' Compensation Benefits HB 1408
Duration and Maximum Payable Dosing Limits for Opioid Therapies HB 1139
Exclusion of Recreational Marijuana Injury From Compensable Injuries HB 1084
Prescription Drug Pricing Study SB 2212
Settlements Regarding Amounts Owed by Employers HB 1051
Workers' Compensation Benefits for Essential Workers - Covid-19 Claims HB 1433
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