Major Topic Index - Weapons

Category Bill
Brandishing Dangerous Weapon on Property Owned or Leased by Individual HB 1498
Carrying a Handgun HB 1304
Dangerous Weapon Definition HB 1339
Exception From Federal Regulation for Firearms or Firearm Accessories Manufactured in This State HB 1272
Governmental Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition SB 2344
Handgun Violations and Penalty HB 1304
Handguns and Carrying Firearms or Dangerous Weapons Concealed HB 1293
Immunity From Civil Actions for Ammunition Manufacturers HB 1396
License to Carry Firearm or Dangerous Weapon Concealed HB 1450
Licensing of Instructors of Armed First Responders in Schools SB 2096
Limitation on Enforcing or Providing Assistance for Violations of Federal Firearm Laws HB 1383
Possession of Dangerous Weapon During Declared Emergency HB 1248
Possession of Firearm in Certain Public Spaces HB 1297
Possession of Firearm or Dangerous Weapon - Ambulance or Firefighter Crew HB 1463
Possession of Firearm or Dangerous Weapon at Public Gathering - Public Gathering Definition HB 1339
Possession of Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in Public HB 1311
Proposed Study of Definitions of Dangerous Weapon and Public Gathering HB 1339
Proposed Study of Factors Contributing to National Firearm and Ammunition Shortage HCR 3021
Proposed Study on County Correctional Employees Carrying Firearms While Transporting Inmates HB 1459
Public Gathering Weapon Prohibition - Exception for Paramedics or Emergency Responders HB 1109
Urging Congress and President of United States to Protect Second Amendment of United States Constitution HCR 3006
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