Major Topic Index - Schools

Category Bill
Access to Local School District Records SB 2090
Afterschool Programming Grants SB 2257
Allows School District to Transfer Excess Funds From Covid-19 Pandemic Between General Fund and Building Fund HB 1028
Alternative Education Opportunities Outside Classroom for Course Credit HB 1478
Appropriation for Distance Learning Family Reimbursement Program SB 2176
Authority of School Boards to Lease Real Property HB 1370
Authority of School District to Transfer Fund and Powers of School Board HB 1337
Calculation of School District State Aid Payments HB 1200
Certificates for Special Education Technicians HB 1188
Child Abuse and Neglect Investigation and Child Protection Assessment SB 2083
Criminal History Record Checks for Public and Nonpublic School Employees SB 2186
Criteria for Teacher Licensure SB 2332
Deductions From State Aid Formula Payments and School Construction Loan Amounts SB 2165
Duties of the Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Education Coordination Council SB 2196
Education Foundation Aid Funding Formula Maximums HB 1225
Education Foundation Aid Funding Formula and Treatment of Federal Impact Aid Funding HB 1246
Education Scholarship Tax Credit SB 2288
Elimination of School District Ending Fund Balance Carryforward Limitations SB 2165
Establishment of North Dakota Competency Framework and Instructional Time Requirements SB 2196
Establishment of a North Dakota Learning Continuum and Instructional Time and Unit Requirements SB 2196
Exemptions From Vaccine Requirements Before Admission to School or Child Care Facility HB 1469
Expansion of Teacher Support Program HB 1114
Extension of Public Land Leases in Times of Emergency HB 1392
Four-year Old Program HB 1416
Grants to School Districts for Breakfast and Lunch for Students HB 1413
High School Graduation and Curriculum Requirements SB 2147
Higher Education
Appropriation for Higher Education Challenge Matching Grant Program SB 2030
Base Funding Rate of the Higher Education Funding Formula SB 2032
Income Tax Credit for Charitable Contributions to Nonprofit Private Schools HB 1137
Income Tax Credit for Children Who Attend Nonpublic Schools or Are Homeschooled HB 1281
Licensing of Individuals Providing School Guidance and Counseling Services HB 1217
Licensing of Instructors of Armed First Responders in Schools HB 1463
Membership of the Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Education Coordination Council HB 1388
Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Instruction for Students in Grades Seven Through Twelve SB 2311
Nonsecular Self-asserted Sex-based Identity Narratives HB 1476
Postsecondary Transitional Grant Program SB 2269
Professional Development
Allow School Activities to Be Held on Professional Development Conference Days HB 1075
Proposed Study of Alternative Teacher Licensure SB 2332
Proposed Study of Compulsory School Attendance HCR 3009
Proposed Study of Teachers' Out-of-pocket Expenses for School Supplies HB 1210
Proposed Study of Use of Common School Trust Fund Assets to Fund School Construction HB 1013
Provision of Pod Education Outside Classroom During Declared Emergency or Disaster HB 1467
Public School Nutritional Resources Study HB 1413
Removal of Local Contributions From Education Foundation Aid Funding Formula and School District Levies SB 2267
Repeal of Obsolete and Redundant Provisions in Title 15.1 SB 2028
Repeal of Statute Requiring Immunizations for Entry to School HB 1320
Required Patriotism Project for Public Elementary School Students HB 1143
Requiring Elementary and Secondary Public and Nonpublic Schools to Include Native American History Curriculum SB 2304
Satisfaction of School Calendar Hours Through Virtual Instruction HB 1232
School Board Authority Regarding Posting Ten Commandments and Reciting Pledge of Allegiance SB 2308
School Board Contracts - Exception to Notice and Bidding Requirements SB 2240
School Counselors' Eligibility for Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2177
School District Adoption of Restraint and Seclusion Policy HB 1318
School District Elections Scheduling HB 1235
School District Ending Fund Balances and Limitations on School Construction Loans HB 1227
School District Payments to Postsecondary Transitional Programs SB 2269
School District Size Weighting Factors and Foundation Aid Formula HB 1388
School District Transportation Aid Payments HB 1027
School District Unobligated General Fund Balances HB 1227
School District and Employee Immunity Regarding Covid-19 SB 2278
School District's Minimum Local Effort Regarding State Aid HB 1226
School Nurse Grant Program SB 2235
State Payment of School District Bonded Indebtedness SB 2327
Student Assessment Scores and Vendor References SB 2141
Student Meal and Support Services - Grant Assistance HB 1275
Student Teacher Scholarship Program SB 2229
Study of Competency-based Learning and Participation in Innovative Education Programs HB 1111
Summer School Courses HB 1436
Teacher Negotiation Process and Deadlines SB 2215
Tuition Credit Incentive Program for High School Students Taking Dual-credit Courses HB 1375
Tuition Scholarship Program for High School Students Taking Dual-credit Courses HB 1375
Voter Approval for School Construction Bonds HB 1350
Weighted Average Daily Membership Calculation - Addition of Certain Students SB 2269
Youth Patriotic Society's Access to Students During School Hours HB 1356
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