Major Topic Index - Retailers

Category Bill
Alcohol Event Permits and Prohibitions for Individuals Under 21 HB 1284
Deduction for Retailer Remittance of Sales Tax HB 1414
Dispensing and Selling of Alcoholic Beverages on Sunday SB 2220
Dispensing of Alcoholic Beverages on Christmas Eve SB 2153
Imposition of Tax on Electronic Smoking Device SB 2189
Licensure Requirements for Electronic Smoking Device Dealers and Distributors SB 2189
Microbrew Pubs HB 1265
Microbrew Pubs and Brewer Taprooms SB 2321
Presence of a Minor in a Restaurant That Sells Alcohol HB 1184
Prohibit Public Accommodations From Refusing Services for Failure to Vaccinate HB 1307
Prohibiting Retail Establishment From Refusing to Accept Cash as Payment HB 1299
Prohibition of Shipping Tobacco Products to Consumers SB 2190
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