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Constitutional Amendment
Addition of Agriculture Commissioner to the Board of University and School Lands SCR 4007
Authorizing Internet Live Poker HCR 3012
Authorizing Sports Betting HCR 3032
Board of University and School Lands Membership - Agriculture Commissioner Replaces State Treasurer HCR 3016
Board of University and School Lands Membership - Agriculture Commissioner Replaces State Treasurer; Adds Legislative Assembly Member HCR 3016
Exempting Legal Residence From Property Tax HCR 3041
Increase Percentage of Votes Required to Approve Constitutional Amendments HCR 3017
Initiated Measure and Constitutional Amendments - Single Subject HCR 3018
Initiated Measure for Constitutional Amendment - Single Subject Requirement HCR 3003
Legalization of Cannabis HCR 3031
Property Tax Elimination and Prohibition on Issuing Bonds Secured With Property Tax HCR 3038
Reconvening Legislative Assembly to Address Emergency or Consider a Veto HCR 3005
Remove Supremacy Clause That Negates Other Provisions in State Constitution HCR 3010
Replace State Treasurer With Agriculture Commissioner on Board of University and School Lands SCR 4007
Requiring a Governing Body to Be Elected to Impose Taxes or Fees HCR 3042
Requiring the State Health Officer to Be Elected and Licensed to Practice Medicine SCR 4015
Term Limits for the Governor and Members of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3036
Two-thirds Vote Requirement to Impose or Increase Tax HCR 3040
Voting on Constitutional Amendments at General Elections and Constitutional Amendments Proposed by Legislative Assembly SCR 4005
Expulsion of House Member HR 5001
House Concurrent
Administrative Rules Process Study HCR 3046
Calling for Convention to Amend United States Constitution to Impose Term Limits on Members of Congress HCR 3033
Community Health Worker Program Study HCR 3015
Compulsory School Attendance Study HCR 3009
Declaring State Will Obey Only Federal Laws, Agency Rules, or Presidential Executive Orders State Deems Constitutional HCR 3020
Employment Restrictions in Public Assistance Programs Proposed Study HCR 3013
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study HCR 3011
Impact of United States Fish and Wildlife Easements Study HCR 3019
Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic Study HCR 3044
Metabolic Syndrome Costs and Causes Study HCR 3030
Prevalence of Bias-motivated Crimes Study HCR 3045
Recognizing Memorandum of Understanding and Option to Acquire Land Between Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Parks and Recreation Department HCR 3002
Resolution Urging Congress to Amend Truck Length and Weight Restrictions on Highways and Interstates HCR 3001
Statutes Governing Career and Technical Education Study HCR 3035
Student Internships and Compensation for Student Interns Study HCR 3039
Study of Factors Contributing to National Firearm and Ammunition Shortage HCR 3021
Study of Implementing a Hospital Discharge Database HCR 3022
Study of North Dakota Becoming Less Dependent on Federal Government HCR 3008
Study of Property Leased by the State or a State Agency HCR 3043
Study of Regulating Entities Engaged in Virtual Currency Business Activities HCR 3024
Study of Regulating Special Purpose Depository Institutions for Cryptocurrency HCR 3024
Telehealth Barriers Study HCR 3014
Terminating State of Emergency Regarding Public Health Crisis From Covid-19 HCR 3007
Urging Congress Not to Adopt H.r. 1 HCR 3047
Urging Congress and President of United States to Protect Second Amendment of United States Constitution HCR 3006
Urging Congress and President to Fully Fund Biota Water Treatment Plant HCR 3034
Urging Congress and President to Refrain From Changing Federal Estate Tax Cap and From Raising Income Taxes HCR 3026
Urging Congress to Amend the Constitution to Prohibit Increasing the Number of Supreme Court Justices HCR 3023
Urging Congress to Include State and Local 911 Dispatchers as Qualified Public Safety Employees HCR 3028
Urging Department of Transportation to Use Dynamic Message Signs Solely for Certain Messages HCR 3004
Urging Federal Authorities to Observe Limits on Federal Power HCR 3029
Urging Federal Government to Refrain From Enacting Regulations That Threaten Electric Power in North Dakota HCR 3025
Urging President and Department of Homeland Security Not to Transfer Illegal Aliens to North Dakota HCR 3048
Urging President to Continue Oil Development HCR 3027
Using Legacy Fund Earnings to Provide Property Tax Relief Study HCR 3037
House Memorial
House Member Memorial Resolution HMR 7001
Senate Concurrent
Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Clarification SCR 4010
Establish State Policy to Support Electric Grid SCR 4012
Fourth Trimester Care Day Declaration SCR 4002
Giving Hearts Day Declaration SCR 4008
House and Senate Employment Positions and Fixing Compensation SCR 4003
Interim Budget Section to Hold Federal Block Grant Hearings SCR 4001
Prohibit Unconstitutional Use of Property Taxes to Fund State's Legal Obligations SCR 4006
Recognizing Efforts of Rotary Clubs and Districts SCR 4009
Rescind All Extant Applications by Legislative Assembly to Call a Convention to Propose Amendments to the United States Constitution SCR 4004
Urging Congress to Establish a 1776 Commission SCR 4011
Urging Congress to Pass North Dakota Trust Lands Completion Act SCR 4013
Urging Congress to Refrain From Issuing Vaccine Passports SCR 4016
Use of Income Tax Surtax to Fund School District Bond Issuance Study SCR 4014
Senate Memorial
Senate Member Memorial Resolution SMR 8001
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