Major Topic Index - Public Employees

Category Bill
Accident and Health Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2183
Age at Which Retired Teachers Must Take Required Minimum Retirement Distributions HB 1174
Allow Public Employees Retirement System to Purchase Stop-loss Insurance for Self-insurance Pharmacy Benefits HB 1029
Applications for Public Employment SB 2069
Budget Section Approval of Bids for Uniform Group Insurance Plans HB 1245
Determination of Full-time Employment of the State SB 2300
Disclosure of a Pending Investigation SB 2322
Fertility Health Benefits HB 1147
House and Senate Employment Positions and Fixing Compensation SCR 4003
Increased Employer and Employee Contributions SB 2046
Increased Employer and Employee Contributions - Retirement System SB 2042
Increased Employer and Employee Contributions 2 HB 1342
Insulin Drug Benefits SB 2183
Payment of Administrative Expenses for Public Employees Retirement System Deferred Compensation Plan SB 2045
Penalties for Failure to Pay Required Contributions HB 1041
Public Employee Health Insurance Drug Benefit Coverage HB 1250
Public Employees Retirement System Employer and Temporary Employee Contribution Rates HB 1209
Reporting of Actual or Possible Law Violation HB 1344
Salary Moratorium on Certain State Employees if Temporary Restrictions Imposed on Businesses HB 1260
State Employee Claims for Wrongful Criminal Investigation or Prosecution SB 2322
State's Contribution to Highway Patrolmen's Retirement System SB 2043
State's Leave Sharing Program HB 1058
Study of Public Employees Retirement System Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Retirement Plans HB 1209
Uniform Group Insurance Program Benefits HB 1155
Unpaid Benefit Payments, Confidentiality Requirements, Use of Health Insurance Credit Funds SB 2044
Vitamin D Screening and Testing HB 1328
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