Major Topic Index - Mental Health

Category Bill
Classification of an Abandoned Spouse for Purposes of Spousal Support HB 1319
Continuation of Behavioral Health Care for Inmates HB 1470
Defendant's Fitness to Proceed HB 1181
Duties of Protection and Advocacy Project SB 2134
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program - Behavior Analyst SB 2125
Income Tax Credit for Employment of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities or Severe Mental Illness HB 1405
Interstate Contracts for Treatment of Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorders SB 2199
Involuntary Treatment and Emergency Detention SB 2084
Licensure of Professional Counselors Designated Supervised SB 2335
Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Instruction for Students in Grades Seven Through Twelve SB 2311
Mental Health Provider Registry and Behavioral Health Bed Management System SB 2161
Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives Outreach Program for Clergy on Mental Health HB 1243
Petition and Order for Involuntary Treatment HB 1117
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Service Dog Program SB 2025
Preliminary and Involuntary Treatment Hearing - Medical Records HB 1034
Proposed Study of Behavioral Health Needs of Inmates HB 1470
Study of Occupational Boards That Address Mental Health and Behavioral Health SB 2336
Superintendent of Public Instruction Study of Education Content Standards and Curriculum SB 2311
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