Major Topic Index - Marijuana

Category Bill
Addition of Edibles to Allowable Medical Marijuana Products HB 1391
Gross Receipts Tax and Excise Tax on Retail Marijuana and Retail Marijuana Products HB 1501
Gross Receipts Tax and Excise Tax on Usable Marijuana and Adult-use Cannabis HB 1501
Legalization of Cannabis HCR 3031
Legalization of Marijuana HB 1420
Medical Marijuana
Administration of Pediatric Medical Marijuana SB 2284
Growing of Medical Marijuana SB 2234
Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and Designated Caregivers HB 1359
Medical Marijuana Program and Designated Caregivers HB 1213
Out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cardholders HB 1400
Qualifications for Medical Marijuana Debilitating Medical Conditions and Dispensary Inspections HB 1400
Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia Penalty HB 1201
Prohibited Acts Regarding Marijuana and Penalties SB 2283
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