Major Topic Index - Labor and Employment

Category Bill
Age at Which Retired Teachers Must Take Required Minimum Retirement Distributions HB 1174
Audits of Employers Conducting Business in This State HB 1051
Business Immunity From Covid-19 Claims HB 1175
Compensation History of Prospective Employees HB 1434
Definition of Wages for Purposes of Workers' Compensation Benefits HB 1408
Determination of Full-time Employment of the State SB 2300
Duration and Maximum Payable Dosing Limits for Opioid Therapies HB 1139
Electronic Filing and Payment of Withholding and Informational Returns HB 1082
Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses HB 1278
Employer Immunity - Covid-19 HB 1271
Employer Immunity Regarding Covid-19 HB 1376
Employer Immunity for Communicable Disease HB 1301
Employment Restrictions in Public Assistance Programs Proposed Study HCR 3013
Employment of Physician by Nonprofit Entity and Charitable Trust for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy SB 2128
Exclusion of Recreational Marijuana Injury as a Compensable Workforce Injury HB 1084
Health Care Workforce Needs in Rural Areas HB 1142
Health Insurance Utilization Reports SB 2074
Income Tax Credit for Employment of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities or Severe Mental Illness HB 1405
Increased Employer and Employee Contributions - Public Employees Retirement System SB 2042
Increased Employer and Employee Contributions - Retirement System SB 2046
Informed Consent and Notice of Risks Associated With Vaccines HB 1468
Liability for Medical Products HB 1352
Licensing of Foreign Practitioners Who Are Residents of the State HB 1166
Licensure of Military Members and Military Spouses SB 2175
Limitations on Access to Vaccination Status and Records HB 1301
Limitations on Requirements to Wear a Face Mask at Work HB 1204
Mandatory Immunization Prohibited HB 1301
Paid Family Medical Leave Program HB 1441
Penalties for Failure to Pay Required Contributions HB 1041
Prohibiting Political Subdivisions Regulating Paid Family Leave HB 1398
Resolution to Expel House Member HR 5001
Resolution to Study Student Internships and Compensation for Student Interns HCR 3039
State Minimum Wage Rate HB 1341
State's Leave Sharing Program HB 1058
Study of Implementing a Paid Family Medical Leave Program HB 1441
Surcharges Paid by Employers for Employees Who Receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits SB 2203
Unpaid Benefit Payments, Confidentiality Requirements, Use of Health Insurance Credit Funds SB 2044
Whistleblowers and Public Health and Safety HB 1262
Workers' Compensation Benefits for Essential Workers - Covid-19 Claims HB 1433
Workforce Safety and Insurance
Appeal of Workforce Safety and Insurance Decision HB 1040
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