Major Topic Index - Insurance Commissioner

Category Bill
Accident and Health Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2183
Annual Salary HB 1010
Annuity Transaction Practices HB 1160
Agency Appropriation HB 1010
Federal Funding Received Under an Innovation Waiver HB 1087
Long-term Care Insurance Market and Costs Study SB 2253
To Study Establishment of an Invisible Reinsurance Pool for Health Insurance HB 1087
Civil and Administrative Remedies to Combat Insurance Fraud HB 1092
Confidentiality of Insurance Filings HB 1062
Health Carrier Examinations HB 1010
Health Insurance Policies Requirements HB 1203
Insurance Data and Security SB 2075
Insurance Fees for Annuities SB 2173
Interest Rate Used to Determine Minimum Nonforfeiture Amount for Annuity HB 1153
Licensing of Insurance Producers SB 2078
Monetary Penalty for Insurance Company Failing to Report Data SB 2077
Moratorium on Sale, Solicitation, and Negotiation of Long-term Care Insurance Policies SB 2253
Payments to Fire Departments From Insurance Tax Distribution Fund HB 1010
Premium Tax Credits for Insurance Companies and Invisible Reinsurance Pool HB 1087
Prescription Drug Costs SB 2170
Prescription Drug Pricing Study SB 2212
Prior Authorization of Dental Services, Networks, and Claims HB 1154
Property Insured by the State Fire and Tornado Fund HB 1086
Reinsurance Credit of Insurers SB 2076
Required Publication of Prescription Drug Cost Data HB 1032
Requirements of Health Insurance Policies SB 2222
Self-insurance Health Plans HB 1147
Short-term Limited-duration Health Insurance Plans SB 2073
Study of Establishing an Invisible Reinsurance Pool for Health Insurance HB 1087
Study on Lignite Coal Industry Insurance SB 2287
Third-party Software Access to Insurance Policy Information SB 2075
Transparency in Dental Benefits Contracting HB 1154
Use of Rebates in Insurance Business SB 2072
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