Major Topic Index - Industrial Commission

Category Bill
Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Site Reclamation Fund SB 2307
Agency Appropriation SB 2014
Bond Payments SB 2014
Clean Sustainable Energy Fund HB 1452
Contracting With Energy and Environmental Research Center to Develop Roadmap to Implement Hydrogen Energy HB 1491
Liquefied Natural Gas Pilot Project Grants HB 1149
Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Grants HB 1159
Authority of Industrial Commission - Abandoned Well Status SB 2262
Authority to Regulate Permitting and Amalgamation of Underground Storage of Oil or Gas SB 2065
Bond Requirements for Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells HB 1054
Clean Sustainable Energy Authority HB 1452
Collection of Global Positioning System Data HB 1056
Contingent Funding for Fte Positions Based on Oil Wells SB 2014
Definition of Person Include Responsible Corporate Officer SB 2064
Jurisdiction of Industrial Commission and Single-well Bonds SB 2339
Jurisdiction to Regulate Underground Storage of Oil and Gas SB 2065
Natural Gas Infrastructure Grants HB 1159
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging HB 1358
Park District Loan Program HB 1215
Repeal of Building Authority HB 1485
Service of Signed Commission Orders HB 1055
Transmission Authority Report on Status of Electric Grid SB 2313
Use of Funds From the Fossil Excavation and Restoration Fund SB 2066
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