Major Topic Index - Health

Category Bill
Accident and Health Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2183
Addition of Edibles to Allowable Medical Marijuana Products HB 1391
Administration of Epinephrine SB 2248
Allow Physical Therapists to Order Musculoskeletal Medical Imaging SB 2122
Allowing Unaccompanied Homeless Minors to Access Health Care Without Parental Consent SB 2265
Ambulance Service Operation Funding HB 1493
Assault on Health Care Facility Provider and Penalty SB 2268
Brain Injury Advisory Council Membership and Appointments SB 2039
Breastfeeding Right and Penalty for Violation HB 1105
Cigarette Tax Rate Increase HB 1403
Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Rate Increase HB 1422
Community Health Worker Program Proposed Study HCR 3015
Cost-benefit Analysis for Mandated Health Insurance Coverage Measures SB 2130
Coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices HB 1288
Data Collection and Publication of Prescription Drug Costs HB 1032
Department of Human Services Study of Nurse Triage Program HB 1241
Duration and Maximum Payable Dosing Limits for Opioid Therapies HB 1139
Duration of a Public Health Disaster or Emergency Declared by the Governor HB 1118
Election of State Health Officer SB 2331
Employer Immunity for Communicable Disease HB 1301
Employment of Physician by Nonprofit Entity and Charitable Trust for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy SB 2128
End-of-life Health Care Decisions HB 1415
Establishing Maternal Mortality Review Committee HB 1205
Exemptions From Vaccine Requirements Before Admission to School or Child Care Facility HB 1469
Food and Lodging Establishment Licensing SB 2119
Fourth Trimester Care Day Declaration SCR 4002
Freedom of Choice for Health Care Services HB 1465
Giving Hearts Day Declaration SCR 4008
Governor's Authority to Issue Executive Orders During a Disaster or Emergency HB 1118
Guaranteed Issue for Small Employer Health Insurance Plans and Individual Health Insurance Plans SB 2029
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program - Behavior Analyst SB 2125
Health Care Provider Include Physical Therapist - Workforce Safety and Insurance SB 2148
Health Care Workforce Needs in Rural Areas HB 1142
Health Insurance Coverage of Telehealth SB 2179
Health Insurance Policies Requirements HB 1203
Hospital Discharge Database Proposed Study HCR 3022
Hospital and Medical Insurance Pre-existing Conditions and Guaranteed Issue SB 2029
Immunization Exemptions HB 1377
Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic Study HCR 3044
Informed Consent and Notice of Risks Associated With Vaccines HB 1468
Interstate Contracts for Treatment of Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorders SB 2199
Involuntary Treatment and Emergency Detention SB 2084
Liability for Medical Products HB 1352
Licensure of Extended Stay Centers SB 2334
Licensure of Residential Hospice Facilities SB 2226
Limitations on Access to Vaccination Status and Records HB 1301
Limitations on Immunizations HB 1320
Limitations on Mask Wearing Requirements HB 1323
Limitations on Requirements to Wear a Face Mask at Work HB 1204
Mandatory Immunization Prohibited HB 1301
Matching Funds for Rural Health Services SB 2018
Medical Assistance Coverage of Metabolic Supplements SB 2224
Medical Assistance Dental Benefits SB 2343
Medical Assistance Prior Authorization Program SB 2087
Medical Assistance Tribal Health Care Coordination Agreements HB 1407
Medical Marijuana
Designated Caregivers HB 1359
Medical Records in Public Entity's Possession Are Exempt Records HB 1349
Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Instruction for Students in Grades Seven Through Twelve SB 2311
Mental Health Provider Registry and Behavioral Health Bed Management System SB 2161
Metabolic Syndrome Proposed Study HCR 3030
Murder of Unborn Child and Penalty HB 1313
Needle Exchange Program HB 1163
Nursing Workforce Recruitment and Retention Grant Program SB 2198
Online Vaccination Education Module HB 1469
Permitting Pharmacists to Administer Covid-19 Tests HB 1492
Pharmacists' Authorization to Screen and Test for Vitamin D Deficiency HB 1328
Pharmacy Benefit Manager Audit HB 1233
Preliminary and Involuntary Treatment Hearing - Medical Records HB 1034
Prescribing of Biosimilar Drugs HB 1033
Prescription Drug Costs - Enforcement Authority SB 2170
Prescription Drug Coverage Performance Audits HB 1233
Prescription Drug Pricing Study SB 2212
Prohibit Public Accommodations From Refusing Services for Failure to Vaccinate HB 1307
Prohibiting Wastewater Testing for Genetic Material or Evidence of Disease HB 1348
Prohibition of Shock Treatment and Aversive Reinforcement Conditioning HB 1089
Proposed Study of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders HCR 3011
Provider of Complementary and Alternative Health Care HB 1472
Public Employee Fertility Health Benefits HB 1147
Public Employee Health Insurance Drug Benefit Coverage HB 1250
Public Employee Insulin Drug Benefits SB 2183
Registration of Extended Stay Centers SB 2334
Regulation of Purified Water Dispensers SB 2252
Regulation of Residential End-of-life Facilities SB 2226
Remedial Eye Care and Medicaid Waivers to Provide In-home Services SB 2085
Repeal of Penalty for Willfully Transferring Hiv HB 1106
Reportable Conditions and Post-mortem Communicable Disease During Declared Emergency or Disaster HB 1219
Requirement to Adopt Wastewater Recycling Technologies HB 1183
Requirements of Health Insurance Policies SB 2222
Requiring the State Health Officer to Be Elected and Licensed to Practice Medicine SCR 4015
Resolution Terminating State of Emergency Regarding Public Health Crisis From Covid-19 HCR 3007
Resolution Urging Congress to Refrain From Issuing Vaccine Passports SCR 4016
Review of Health Facility Construction and Renovation Projects SB 2241
Rights of Health Care Facility Residents to Use Electronic Communication HB 1343
School Nurse Grant Program SB 2235
Services Provided by Community Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians SB 2133
Services Provided by Ems Operations and Ems Personnel SB 2133
State Health Officer Authority During a Disaster or Emergency HB 1118
State Health Officer Qualifications HB 1418
State Health Officer's Authority Relating to Disease Control Measures HB 1495
State Health Officer's Authority to Issue Orders Affecting Exercise of Religion HB 1410
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Voucher System HB 1402
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Voucher System Grants HB 1012
Telehealth Barriers Proposed Study HCR 3014
Telehealth and the Practice of Dentistry HB 1151
Tribal Health Units SB 2303
Whistleblowers and Public Health and Safety HB 1262
Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program SB 2209
Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program 2 SB 2212
Workers' Compensation Benefits for Essential Workers - Covid-19 Claims HB 1433
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