Major Topic Index - Emergency Clause

Category Bill
Ability of Pharmacy Technician to Administer Drugs Under Supervision SB 2279
Access to Long-term Care Facilities SB 2145
Access to Long-term Care Facilities During Declared Disaster or Emergency SB 2145
Accident and Health Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2183
Addition of Edibles to Allowable Medical Marijuana Products HB 1391
Adjust State Agency Spending Authority Approved by Emergency Commission and Budget Section HB 1395
Agriculture Commissioner's Ability to Charge Fees for Industrial Hemp Testing HB 1045
Allow Public Employees Retirement System to Purchase Stop-loss Insurance for Self-insurance Pharmacy Benefits HB 1029
Allows School District to Transfer Excess Funds From Covid-19 Pandemic Between General Fund and Building Fund HB 1028
Annual Observance of Juneteenth SB 2232
Appropriation for Accessibility Improvement on State Capitol Grounds SB 2146
Appropriation for Accessibility Improvements to State Capitol Grounds HB 1030
Appropriation for Distance Learning Family Reimbursement Program SB 2176
Appropriations to Agencies for Covid-19 Costs and Expenses HB 1394
Audits of Employers Conducting Business in This State HB 1051
Authority of Attorney General to Bring Civil Action and Limitations of Actions HB 1208
Authority of Ethics Commission and Secretary of State HB 1295
Bonds for Infrastructure Projects and Programs HB 1132
Borrowing and Lending Authority of Public Finance Authority HB 1132
Budget Section Approval of Bids for Uniform Group Insurance Plans HB 1245
Business Immunity From Covid-19 Claims HB 1175
Certificate of Completion for Special Education Technicians HB 1188
Children's Advocacy Center Criminal History Record Checks SB 2131
Children's Cabinet Membership HB 1076
Construction of Military Museum - Acceptance of Funds HB 1016
Continuing Appropriation to Workforce Safety and Insurance for Credit Card Payment Fees HB 1051
Contracts Limiting Liability to the State HB 1316
Creation of Public Service Commission Program Fund HB 1008
Creation of University System Capital Building Fund SB 2003
Death Benefits of National Guard Members SB 2117
Definition of Marijuana and Scheduling of Controlled Substances SB 2059
Disclosure of a Pending Investigation SB 2322
Duration of a Public Health Disaster or Emergency Declared by the Governor HB 1118
Eligibility for Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Access HB 1146
Elimination of School District Ending Fund Balance Carryforward Limitations SB 2165
Emergency Commission and Budget Section Approval to Accept and Disburse Federal and Other Funds SB 2290
Emergency Township Road Repair Grants SB 2012
Employer Immunity - Covid-19 HB 1271
Employment of Physician by Nonprofit Entity and Charitable Trust for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy SB 2128
Executive Branch Transfer Authority for Salaries and Wages HB 1001
Exemption of Federal Covid-19 Stimulus Funds for Service Payments for Elderly and Disabled and Basic Care Programs HB 1326
Financing of Welfare Programs and Housing Stabilization Supports and Rental Assistance SB 2089
Fire Prevention Grant HB 1012
Health Insurance Coverage of Telehealth SB 2179
International Peace Garden Appropriation HB 1019
Interpreter Services HB 1012
Irrevocable Itemized Funeral Contracts and Medicaid Assets Exempt for Funeral Expenses SB 2261
Legislative Branch Agency Appropriation SB 2001
Legislative Management Chairman and Vice Chairman Terms and Chamber Membership HB 1236
Legislative Management Redistricting Committee HB 1397
Legislative Management Study of State Agency Fees HB 1031
Limitation on Authority of Political Subdivisions Regarding Dangerous Weapons HB 1248
Limitation on Enforcing or Providing Assistance for Violations of Federal Firearm Laws HB 1383
Limitations on Access to Vaccination Status and Records HB 1301
Limitations on Regulation of Coal-fueled Electric Generating Units SB 2237
Limitations on Requirements to Wear a Face Mask at Work HB 1204
Livestock Dealer Insolvency HB 1009
Manufacturing Distilleries and Satellite Locations HB 1286
Media Room in State Capitol HB 1039
Medical Marijuana Program and Designated Caregivers HB 1213
North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship Eligibility Requirements HB 1083
Northwest Area Water Supply Project Areas and Advisory Committee Membership HB 1063
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging HB 1358
Permitting Pharmacists to Administer Covid-19 Tests HB 1492
Possession of Dangerous Weapon During Declared Emergency HB 1248
Powers of the State Board of Pharmacy and Practice of Pharmacy SB 2221
Premium Tax Credits for Insurance Companies and Invisible Reinsurance Pool HB 1087
Professional Student Exchange Program Repayment SB 2140
Prohibiting Individual Under 21 From Purchasing, Possessing, or Using Tobacco Products or Electronic Smoking Devices SB 2156
Property Insured by the State Fire and Tornado Fund HB 1086
Public Employee Fertility Health Benefits HB 1147
Public Employee Health Insurance Drug Benefit Coverage HB 1250
Public Employee Insulin Drug Benefits SB 2183
Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions SB 2239
Remote Communication for Nonprofit Corporations SB 2138
Required Uses of the Agricultural Products Utilization Fund SB 2053
Scholarship Eligibility Requirements SB 2136
Scholarship Eligibility Requirements 2 SB 2325
School District and Employee Immunity Regarding Covid-19 SB 2278
Self-insurance Health Plans SB 2183
Settlement of Amount Owed by Employer HB 1051
Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking System SB 2281
Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking System Funding HB 1003
Social Investment Prohibition and Study of Boycotting Energy or Agricultural Commodities SB 2291
State Department and Institution Appropriations HB 1025
State Employee Claims for Wrongful Criminal Investigation or Prosecution SB 2322
State Regional Haze Plan SB 2238
State Water Commission Budget HB 1020
Subsurface Water Management Systems and Permits HB 1437
Summer School Courses HB 1436
Suspension of Fees for Workers With Disabilities Coverage During an Emergency HB 1012
Teacher Negotiation Process and Deadlines SB 2215
Theft Offenses SB 2166
Township Boards of Equalization Meetings HB 1445
Transfer of Legacy Fund Earnings to Legacy Property Tax Relief Fund HB 1446
Tribal Police Officer Authority and Training HB 1126
University System Capital Building Fund SB 2033
Use of Deadly Force Justified When Protecting Nuclear Assets SB 2116
Use of Rebates in Insurance Business SB 2072
Veterans' Aid Fund and Veterans' Postwar Trust Fund HB 1211
Vitamin D Screening and Testing HB 1328
Waiver of Antimicrobial Pesticide Certification Requirements During an Emergency HB 1339
Workforce Safety and Insurance - Attorney's Fees and Reimbursement to Employers HB 1051
Workforce Safety and Insurance - Compensable Injury Definition - Mental or Psychological Condition HB 1271
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