Major Topic Index - Drugs

Category Bill
Ability of Pharmacy Technician to Administer Drugs Under Supervision SB 2279
Accident and Health Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2183
Administration of Epinephrine SB 2248
Alcohol Event Permits and Prohibitions for Individuals Under 21 HB 1284
Court Discretion to Require Individual Under 21 to Attend Alcohol and Drug Education Program for Alcohol Violation HB 1124
Dispensing of Alcoholic Beverages on Christmas Eve SB 2153
Domestic Distilleries and Satellite Locations HB 1286
Manufacturing Distilleries and Satellite Locations HB 1286
Microbrew Pubs and Brewer Taprooms SB 2321
Penalties for Individual Under 21 From Using Alcoholic Beverages or Entering Licensed Premises SB 2264
Penalty for Individual Under 21 Who Consumes, Purchases, or Possesses Alcoholic Beverage HB 1223
Cancellation of Minor's Driver's License Due to Alcohol or Drug Related Offense HB 1176
Creation of State Narcotics Task Force HB 1428
Definition of Marijuana and Scheduling of Controlled Substances SB 2059
Dispensing and Selling of Alcoholic Beverages on Sunday SB 2220
Duration and Maximum Payable Dosing Limits for Opioid Therapies HB 1139
Enhanced Penalty for Death of Individual as a Result of Drug Overdose HB 1287
Inhalation of Vapors and Penalty SB 2273
Juvenile Substance Use Screening HB 1035
Legalization of Cannabis HCR 3031
Gross Receipts Tax and Excise Tax on Retail Marijuana and Retail Marijuana Products HB 1501
Gross Receipts Tax and Excise Tax on Usable Marijuana and Adult-use Cannabis HB 1501
Legalization of Marijuana HB 1420
Penalties for Possession of Marijuana by Individual Under Age of 21 SB 2264
Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia Penalty HB 1201
Prohibited Acts Regarding Marijuana and Penalties SB 2283
Medical Assistance Coverage of Metabolic Supplements SB 2224
Medical Assistance Prior Authorization Program SB 2087
Medical Marijuana
Addition of Edibles to Allowable Medical Marijuana Products HB 1391
Administration of Pediatric Medical Marijuana SB 2284
Growing of Medical Marijuana SB 2234
Medical Marijuana Designated Caregivers and Medical Marijuana Advisory Board HB 1359
Medical Marijuana Program and Designated Caregivers HB 1213
Out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cardholders HB 1400
Qualifications for Medical Marijuana Debilitating Medical Conditions and Dispensary Inspections HB 1400
Microbrew Pubs HB 1265
Overdose Prevention and Immunity HB 1287
Prescribing Biosimilar Drugs HB 1033
Prescription Drug Costs SB 2170
Prescription Drug Costs Data Collection and Publication HB 1032
Prescription Drug Pricing Study SB 2212
Proposed Study of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders HCR 3011
Public Employee Health Insurance Drug Benefit Coverage HB 1250
Public Employee Insulin Drug Benefits SB 2183
Recreational Marijuana
Exclusion of Recreational Marijuana Injury as a Compensable Workforce Injury HB 1084
Sale of Scheduled Listed Chemical Products SB 2294
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Voucher System HB 1402
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Voucher System Grants HB 1012
Telehealth and the Practice of Dentistry and Prescribing of Opioids HB 1151
Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program SB 2209
Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program 2 SB 2212
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