Major Topic Index - Department of Transportation

Category Bill
Antique Motor Vehicles and Collector's Motor Vehicles HB 1482
Application for Operator's License HB 1406
Agency Appropriation SB 2012
Beyond Visual Line of Sight Unmanned Aircraft System Program SB 2018
Covid-19 Costs and Expenses HB 1394
State Highway Bridge Projects HB 1431
Branch Office Duties SB 2112
Cancellation of Minor's Driver's License HB 1176
Certificate of Collector's Title HB 1399
Commercial Driver's License Disqualification for Criminal Conviction SB 2109
Commercial Driver's License Disqualifications HB 1100
Conducting Administrative Hearings by Electronic Means SB 2113
Criminal History Record Checks for Volunteers and Applicants SB 2110
Definition of Off-highway Vehicle and Snowmobile HB 1068
Designating State Highway 57 as the Akicita (veteran) Memorial Highway SB 2297
Drainage and Other Water Related Issues Study - Membership SB 2208
Driver's Licenses and Permits Issued to Operators HB 1194
Electric Vehicle Road Use Fee HB 1464
Electronic Motor Vehicle Operator's Licenses HB 1072
Electronic Motor Vehicle Operator's Licenses 2 HB 1168
Installation of Culverts or Bridge SB 2324
Issuance of Off-highway Vehicle Safety Certificate by Parks and Recreation Director SB 2094
Leasing of Radio Tower Space SB 2111
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Credit for Private Vehicle Sales SB 2312
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Proposed Study SB 2299
Moving Violations and Fees SB 2097
Providing Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance When Renewing Vehicle Registration SB 2302
Public Auction Sale of State Fleet Vehicles HB 1462
Renewal of Noncommercial Operator's License HB 1102
Repeal of Transportation Network Company Reporting Requirements SB 2027
Reporting Crashes and Obtaining Crash Reports and Data HB 1098
Resolution Urging Department to Use Dynamic Message Signs Solely for Certain Messages HCR 3004
Resolution to Study the Impact of United States Fish and Wildlife Easements HCR 3019
Review and Approval of Political Subdivision Road and Bridge Projects SB 2014
Traffic Violation Citations and Method of Notification to Offenders SB 2099
Traffic Violations and Fees SB 2100
Tribal-state Agreement for Federally Funded Safety Improvement Projects on Tribal Roads HB 1101
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