Major Topic Index - Correctional Facilities

Category Bill
Agreements for Admission of Prisoners to Local Jails or Correctional Facilities HB 1112
Confidentiality of Booking Photos HB 1296
Continuation of Behavioral Health Care for Inmates HB 1470
Discharge of Offenders HB 1069
Eligibility for Work Release Programs SB 2178
Exceptions to Exempt and Confidential Records SB 2108
Health Benefit Coverage for Dependents of Correctional Officers, Firefighters, or Peace Officers Who Die in Line of Duty HB 1435
Health Benefit Coverage for Emergency Responders Who Die in the Line of Duty HB 1435
Inmate's Exercise of Religion HB 1410
Medical Paroles HB 1071
Proposed Study of Behavioral Health Needs of Inmates HB 1470
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