Major Topic Index - Attorney General

Category Bill
Annual Salary HB 1003
Appointment for Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission SB 2228
Appointment of Special Assistant Attorney General in Contingent Fee Arrangements HB 1140
Agency Appropriation HB 1003
Covid-19 Justice Assistance Grants HB 1394
Litigation Expenses HB 1025
Attorney General Review of Proposed Administrative Rules HB 1385
Authority to Bring Action HB 1208
Authority to Investigate Alleged Violation HB 1344
Authority to Investigate Retail Establishment Refusing to Accept Cash as Payment HB 1299
Bci Issuance of Unrestricted Concealed Weapons License - Paramedics or Emergency Responders HB 1109
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
License to Carry Firearm or Dangerous Weapon Concealed HB 1450
Child Fatality Review Panel Membership SB 2083
Civil Seizure and Forfeiture Reporting Requirements HB 1480
Criminal History Record Checks
Applicants for Licenses and Permits Issued by Department of Environmental Quality HB 1073
Applicants for Licenses and Permits Issued by State Department of Health HB 1073
Board of Dietetic Practice for Applications for Licensure or Renewal SB 2187
Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents Applicant, Employee, or Independent Contractor SB 2174
Department of Human Services - Children's Advocacy Center SB 2131
Department of Transportation Volunteers and Applicants SB 2110
Public Service Commission for Auctioneer's and Clerk's Initial Licenses SB 2338
Public and Nonpublic School Employees SB 2186
Secretary of State Employees HB 1253
State Historical Society Volunteers and Applicants SB 2062
Data Collection and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1443
Duties of Attorney General SB 2283
Duties of Attorney General - Written Opinions HB 1305
Establishment of Sports Wagering Commission and Regulation of Sports Wagering HB 1234
Charitable Gaming Operation Fund SB 2309
Charitable Gaming Tax SB 2309
Creation of Charitable Gaming Operating Fund HB 1212
Electronic Pull Tab Device Requirements SB 2309
Eligible Uses for Charitable Gaming Net Proceeds HB 1263
Eligible Uses for Charitable Gaming Net Proceeds - Political Purpose SB 2251
Historic Horse Race Wagering Regulation HB 1444
Licensing and Regulation of Internet Live Poker HB 1389
Online Purchase of Raffle Tickets and Acceptance of Electronic Payments HB 1162
Regulation of Electronic Pull Tab Devices SB 2296
Regulation of Electronic Pull Tab Devices 2 SB 2310
Sports Betting Authorized as Game of Chance HB 1234
In-application Payments for Software Applications and Purchases SB 2333
Licensure Regarding Tobacco Products and Electronic Smoking Devices SB 2189
Licensure Requirements for Electronic Smoking Device Dealers and Distributors SB 2189
Licensure and Regulation of Detection of Deception Examiners HB 1345
Setoff of Prize SB 2283
Mandating Attorney General Enforce State Laws - Failure to Comply Results in Removal From Office HB 1489
Mandating Attorney General Issue Opinions Requested by Member of Legislative Assembly HB 1489
Prescription Drug Costs - Enforcement Authority SB 2170
Providing Proof of Insurance to Office of Prosecutor for Driving Without Liability Insurance Offense SB 2056
Racing Commission's Decision and Orders Filed With Attorney General SB 2158
Restrictions on Disclosure of a Pending Investigation HB 1127
Review of Presidential Executive Orders for Constitutionality HB 1164
Review of Proposed Administrative Rules HB 1322
Seizure and Forfeiture Reporting Requirements HB 1261
State Employee Claims for Wrongful Criminal Investigation or Prosecution SB 2322
State Narcotics Task Force HB 1428
Study of Deductions for Postproduction Costs Under Oil and Gas Leases SB 2217
Tobacco Product Manufacturer Certification, Service, and Reporting Requirements SB 2259
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